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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:40 pm 
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I'm a regular visitor in this site circa 2005 but I become a member lately. I dont post and join the discussion always because I know my knowledge about boxing is not that broad compare to the other members.. I love boxing next only to basketball.. I sparred only once in my life(with gloves and head gear).. as far as i remember I was in college then.. Though I dont have enough knowledge about boxing I still want to share my assessment and prediction for P&M4 hoping that you share yours too..

There are many factors that you can consider in assessing this fight but I only limit mine to five.

POWER: Clear advantage for Manny.. He will not be called "The Destroyer" for nothing although I believe Marquez is catching up in terms of power with the help of his S&C coach.

SPEED: Main weapon of the Pacman and clear advantage for Manny.. Marquez S&C coach can improve his speed but not to the level of Pacman.

STAMINA: If Manny can bring back the mean Manny this will be an advantage for him "BUT IF NOT" this factor is an advantage of Marquez because of his boxing style.

TECHNIQUE: Clear advantage for Marquez. Pacman is known for his athleticism in the ring and Marquez is known for his boxing discipline.

RING GENERALSHIP: If Marquez stick to his back pedal, counter punch and maintain a slow pace fight this is an advantage for him "BUT IF" Manny let his hands go and connect 2-3 punch combination this factor will switch to his side.(I CONSIDER THIS FACTOR A GRAY AREA)

It's very hard to predict exactly the outcome of their 4th fight because Manny and Marquez equalize each other and best in what they do. So here's my assessment for this fight.


Round 1-4, These rounds are critical for Marquez.. With Manny's power and unpredictability ( and if the news in some of the articles that I read are true that Manny will bring back the mean Manny) you can decide the fight in these early rounds. But once Marquez pass these rounds without any serious damage expect a long night of boxing because Marquez will show what boxing is all about.

Manny wants a Knock Out! That's how I read between the lines what Manny keep telling the media "If there's a chance to make the fight short. I'll grab it!" Expect an aggressive Pacman this time. This will happen only if Marquez decide to engage in a toe-to-toe fight or if Manny will catch Marquez in a awkward angle like what Mean Manny do way back then.

If Pacman scored a knock down/s or inflict serious damage but If Marquez face is clean after 6 rounds expect the decision will favor Marquez.

I saw how Marquez lifted weights in fast and short manner in one of their 24/7 episodes I believe he wants to develop 2-3 punch combo that are so explosive. You cannot Knock Manny out with just one punch it should come in punch combination. I think Marquez will be tempted to go toe-to-toe this time. Timing is the key to Knock Out Manny. You cannot fight Pacman fire with fire because Manny is best in that but if Marquez time perfectly the punches and connect 2-3 punch with a crunch, expect a surprise!

05% - DRAW
Hopefully it will not happen.

I think this time Marquez has the advantage but I will gamble my money with 25% chance that Manny will knock Marquez out while watching in a restaurant with my friends. I love boxing and I want blood. This is entertainment and I will not be satisfied if both of them are standing at the end of 12th round. This is boxing hopefully Manny will show no loving to his opponent. Please share your thought too. Thanks!






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