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Author:  Israel Vasquez [ Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  The REAL STORY: PED Issue Against PACQUIAO

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FLOYD - LAS VEGAS champion never fought w/o having an Advantage over his Opponent. Floyd initially accused manny of PED (around 2009 during their Peak) requiring him of Olympic style drug testing (w/c Floyd has never Required to his Previous opponents) to Gain advantage Over his Smaller opponent who he Fears has a chance of Knocking him out after Pacman massacred Cotto who floyd avoided for years(Floyd retired temporarily to avoid facing Tough opponents to let them beat each other first playing the Waiting game then Unretire to preserve his "0" loss). Floyds camp know Manny never had Olympic background and will Reject Blood samples taken regularly that will obviously Disrupt and Sap your Energy (esp if you're not used to it). Pacman rejected (not the ENTIRE Drug test) since Pac was always willing to do the Regular drug test by URINE w/c he was more comfortable and Accustomed to. Why will FLOYD Dictate the terms of the Fight when manny was the Pound-4-Pound #1 fighter then after Floyd initially retired to avoid Tough competition. A lot of Factors why Manny refused but Not bec He was Hiding something but Rather #1 When was Manny tested Positive on Drugs before the Floyd fight was being Clamored by boxing fans? -"NEVER was manny tested Positive" >why does floyd insisting on this Demand, is he the Boxing Commission? the Boxing dictates this and NEVER the fighters #2 Mental warfare - if manny gives in to all of Floyds demands = Round 1 (meaning negotiations and psychological part of the game goes to > Floyd) and will affect Manny's mental state/preparation going to the fight (if you don't know this obviously you never Boxed or experienced being on top of the Ring) I did since I sparred a few times. You see Psyche war is also Part of boxing and I agree floyd is good w/ this. Manny filed a lawsuit and floyd's team had an out of court settlement as those are pure "Speculation". If there's one thing Floyd was succesful at that time using his Las Vegas influence? He made americans believe that Manny was indeed on PED to discredit his Ring accomplishments when manny disagreed w/ Olympic style testing (w/c Floyd took advNtage to discredit manny) Just so you know Americans? People in 3rd world country eats "Natural" food and as much as possible doesn't want to take any Unnatural substance like vitamins in capsules injectables etc. As we Asians understand the importance of" Natural nutrients" and are aftaid to take on any Artificial substances even when we are Sick. Teddy Atlas, Pauli Malignaggi, Dontae Boxing and other American/other media outlets are obviusly not aware of Filipino culture...Let's check which Athletes are usually being caught w/ PED, well your guess is as good as mine American athletes. Why? Well maybe it's in their culture and obviously not in the Filipino and Asian culture... ;) :? 8)

Author:  Israel Vasquez [ Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The REAL STORY: PED Issue Against PACQUIAO

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