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'My Father, The President,'
Chapter Ten

Thank you for r e a d i n g previous chapters of this best-seller book 'My Father, The President,'...As I am writing this book in March 2018 the world is going through many stages which I will discuss in latter chapters including the price war against fuel, the American foreign policy, the South African market and leaders who left a successful f o o t p r i n t in history...History is perhaps the most studied subject by humans because it helps them gain an undertanding of the future and enables past mistakes 'not to repeat themselves...' This story is about a Man by the name of 'Omar Abdulla,' who plans to become President of The United States in the year 2025, and if you are following this story, the story begins in 2010, where one day he woke up with a vision to uplift The United States by proclaiming the country as President...Since then he has told me endless-stories that has led to me loving him and being his wife for the last six years...This story is written by me, Alison Kells- as I wanted to tell the story that would reach over a billion people internationally with the focus of yesterday, today, and tomorrow...My daughter had whispered in my ear this evening that the world needs cars that fly, perhaps an ideology in later years...

I was stunned on the news that Omar will be acting in a film shot in India...It turns out the Indians had loved his previous films he had acted in and wanted to showcase his talent in a hindi film...It was a romantic star cast including presidential titles and 'womens heart-felt moments....' He was notified of the news and would take on the customer based in India. Omar had said that he loved to act in films and took the opportunity without thinking based on the film script and sound-tracks. Our family will visit India in June this year and Omar has told producers to promote The United States in the film as an 'added advantage,' towards the future...I always loved Omar when he was moody because sometimes he would smile all day and other days he would have a frown on his face if he did not achieve his goals set-out for that day. He had taken the project in India because he learnt from the Indians in South Africa and could use this platform to leverage his ethics about the future of the 'universe...' I remember Omar's father had talked about the galaxy and his father believed that we are beings created in the likeness of God....

Although Omar held several positions in government and was constantly bugged by his fans in The United States, Canada, India and South Africa, he always told me that his fun days were lost and visiting another country could eclipse his heart towards a new-found love...Omar got bored of certain things that he did on a daily basis, and by acting in another film will perhaps help his mind, body, and spirit towards the love it once felt...I remember holding onto my husband last evening, 'falling in love,' with him all over again...To you as a reader, call it strange, or call it a dream from God, but I fell in love with Omar all over again...It's funny...I guess dreams in your sleep from God is a message from the Divine to appreciate and motivate your loved one on a daily basis....Omar always gave me jitters in my tummy in the past, but this time it was different...Perhaps the reality of marriage really 'knocked me out today....' Romance and all the sweet words from your loved one is one thing, but living and seeing the person for six years really feels good...Those readers who are married for longer than the time I am married will perhaps share interest in the meaning behind the feelings...Feelings are sometimes 'mixed,' from my part because I felt what Omar felt...On the topic of moods, Omar was strong-hearted and could deal with losses in business, trade, voters and friends but what really hit him hard he never spoke about...Sometimes he would listen to music and do his most favourite thing-sleep...Omar loved to sleep like it was going out of fashion...I always knew that when he slept without producing results in his business, something was on his mind...I would beg him to share his thoughts but felt that I rather leave him alone before he goes into one of his 'arrogant and don't care attitudes...' Perhaps when I meet his parents this Sunday I will tell them how spoilt and moody he really is....Maybe, my children Sakeena and Akber get this trait from his genetic code...American's will appreciate this story by me because it tells a tale of The United States according to the research I have done and interviews with over 60000 people from the country...Stay clued to Omar's favourite business as the tale continues with Footprints Filmworks, Omar Abdulla and Alison Kells.

When we arrived in Mumbai we were greeted by a whole host of Bollywood fans and actors- and were rushed to a nearby hotel where Omar will be filming a film with co-stars from India and one actress from South Africa...He did not need the money to act in the feature but used the opportunity to 'market and promote,' his talent in India...We would spend five weeks in Mumbai capturing scenes from disco's to mountain range tops and Omar would use this film to market in The United States when he leads The U.S. as President...Many community leaders had urged him to work with the Indians as he would achieve a talent far-beyond American cinema...Our children had come along with us and loved the experience to watch their father behind boombing microphones, camera's, lighting and 'sound stages...' His fans in India said that they would visit South Africa when the film gets distributed in December 2018....I loved to watch the 'un-edited,' version of Omar's performance because it dazzled me with awe...Omar's performances could match the Indian actors including Shar Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Saif Ali Khan...He was widely advertised in India and many actors had 'assisted,' him by visiting him on-screen at the film-arena...I remember how he loved the 'tune and vibe,' of India purchasing the best of foreign goods for his family...I also did a bit of shopping purchasing a sari-gown, scarfs, lingerie and foreign machines....India is a vast country hosting thirty- one religions with the most Hindu culture in the world...The country has an estimated population of one billion people from all nations including Tamils, Muslims, Christians and Punjabs... The country boasts the largest import nation grossing sales of $566 bilion dollars per annum...The country is well-known in sports including Cricket, Hockey, Football and Baseball....

Omar once told me that when he becomes President of The United States he would introduce a further two hundred 'sporting activities,' in The United States...I guess Omar's sexy legs and figure has to contribute to his more than two hours per day excercise routine...I had also learnt from the Hindu's by visiting the Ashram with friends of mine who taught me yoga, mediation, 'living lifestyle,' and Guru mentality which I already practised with Omar. Food in India is very vegetarain as the people believe that God takes the form of an animal....India taught me that there is One God no-matter what name or reference we have for him...India has some of the tallest buildings, long range mountains, 'streamy rivers,' and friendliest people...My children has loved the country's public arena and traffic routes...Some of the trains that we traveled in taught me the language of the country and the teachings and beliefs of the nation.I had loved India and it taught me that although India is one of the biggest countries, the country is back-dated almost one hundred years because of how the people think...The film was shot well and I hated Omar's actress because she constantly flaunted herself with my Man...She kept on throwing herself against him which I threw a big tantrum with her and Omar...Omar said that it was pure business but I could see that she wanted more than friendship.Perhaps as a woman we are the most jealous species in the universe....

Although Omar had 'topped,' World Number One on previous occasions in the world, the Indians had nicknamed my husband 'Raj...' They had said that they loved the way he smirked, the way he acted, the class and elegance he oozed and the way he thought reminded them of a 'Raj...' I had blended well with the Indians because I was brought up as a White-woman and Omar had told me that his grandfather traveled from India to South Africa more than one hundred years ago...Before we left Mumbai I had wept tears because it taught me so much, perhaps more than I learnt in my life-time in The United States because of their traditional values and their fatherly, motherly, brotherly and sisterly traditions.This memory I will always store at the 'top of my hat,' of experiences....

When we arrived back in our community of Philadelphia I was thrilled by the fact that American's from all over the country had flocked in bunches to meet with Omar...The communities had reached out to him by forming relationships and creating awareness in the country.Omar was well-known in The United States but required a guiding force that would win his election in seven years.Although Omar had seven years towards the U.S. presidency, ministers were starting to deepen their pockets into American businesses, organizations, funds and 'merger agreements...'Markets had met expectations with the dollar weakening to the lowest level since 1970...Omar had kept to his promise almost five years ago and reduced interest rates to match inflationary percentages...It was 'good news,' that 87 percent of the country was employed and the country had to reduce interest rates to compete with 'safe haven,' countries in Europe, Asia, North America and South America...The United States was a dominant player in The World winning awards as the 'most revenue,' achieved in 2018 exceeding market conditions of the previous $121 trillion dollars last year...

On the eve of our anniversary for six years I was putting make-up on my face and asked Omar that we should spend the evening with his parents because he felt that he wanted to spend some time with his father, mother, siblings,grandparents and friends that he knew personally...We had arranged for a private party in Manhattan and invited my parents, my friends, my collegues and people who knew me from the days I was a teenager...I was excited because I could put my hair down and 'just chill...' I was 24 years old and Omar was 31 years and I had something special planned for the 'after party...' I was six years with this Man whom I knew I could love for the next fifty years although we had fights, arguments, good gesture moments and shared five children...We had the fancy decorations of life and I knew that if I stuck with him more of my childhood fantasies will be realized....We had invited 200 guests to the party including some of his friends from cabinet and people who wanted to show their face...I had wore the sari-gown that I purchased in India whilst he wore a blue Michael Jackson shirt and black tuxedo pants...He looked even hotter than the first time we met...Here is a snapshot of some of the conversation we shared on our 'treasured anniversary...'

Omar: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen...If you have any special requests you will be going to have to listen to my voice for the next ten minutes...We are gathered here today to celebrate the anniversary between Alison and I for the last six years..W o r d s perhaps cannot express the emotions and feelings I have to say, yet I feel that Alison has been a pillar of strenght and 'great inspiration,' to me these last six years...I am thankful to her for her teaching me so many things from the little things to the big things that matter in life...She has taught me to respect the common man and be a father to my children...She has taught me that no-matter what we should never loose sight of our dreams and ambitions-even when things look bleak...She has taught me that with great power comes great responsiblity...She has taught me that no-matter what fights we have, we can always kiss and make up...She has taught me to be mature in my thinking and not be niave in my actions...She has taught me to take the risk in the future without worrying about what people say...We have traveled to over fifty communities and five countries together which makes me look forward to the next...I am thankful to her for her awesome cooking and friendly comments when we meet new people...I am thankful to her for her love, friendship, honesty and patience....I am thankful to her for blessing me with Sakeena, Akber, Fathima, Zakiyyah and Ebrahim...I am thankful to her for the last six years and the next fifty years...I love Alison because she brings out the best in me...I love her because she has the personality to 'match the stars..' I love her because she loves my parents the way I love my parents...I love her more each day with the passage of time and one day when I walk with an old stick, I will still hold her in my arms...I love you Alison....

Alison: I feel that I am saying my vows all over again...Whatever you said Omar, take it as a magnet of words...I love you and enjoy the evening with us,,,,I am a lady of few words and would like to tell Omar that I will be the woman with him who holds his stick when he turns hundred...You are my superstar hunky punk Omar...Always...


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'My Father, The President,'

Chapter Eleven

Welcome back to this book after a long commercial break and ready to discover 'new-trends,' that led to Omar's presidential race and victory as President of The United States...Whilst I am writing this chapter it is the year June 2018 and life seems 'pretty cool,' according to the latest news I have viewed, read, and learnt about...My children are growing up fast with their parents support and I love the way Omar has taught me that growing ones children up is an individual effort as each child is unique and different. I discovered new facts about life and society in the last three months away from this book as I wanted to concentrate my energy on my marriage, my country, my children, my business, my 'community,' my inner feelings and my inner ambition...I had supported Omar through the last eight years and I felt that it's always good to pursue and ask-about to pursue ones dreams...You see, I did not marry Omar because I wanted 'fame and fortune,' or a bundle of children...Yes, he has made mistakes in his past and I put his previous decisions behind me, because I have learnt that the epic of every marriage is not only committed partner-it's the ability to forgive the past and move on...I found it difficult when women threw themselves at my husband, but such is life of a person who chooses to conquer his father's dreams...Having five children requires time, effort, personality and the ability to cope with stress....As a woman, we are created to nurture our 'young minds,' and prepare them for the thrill of life....Omar has always stood with me and the children and our relationship has gotten better-although fighting is a barrier which is must go-through...As an American woman, I love the fact that Omar's success-glows through me....All-Ways...

Sakeena (7), Akber, (6), Fathima,(5), Zakiyyah, (2), Ebrahim, (1), seemed that the American way of life was a 'good touch,' to life because their parents had motivated them to excel beyond their potential in every aspect of their life...I guess the majority of marriages in the United States fail because one partner looses interest or becomes aloof with his own 'dreams and desires...' Omar and I often drifted apart because his work in office-often meant he stayed away from home and me to look after the family...I guess what kept our relationship alive was the fact that I could always tell him the truth and keep my promises to him...Although I kept a close watch on him-he never roamed his eyes because he knew if he tried to lay a hand on another woman-I would shoot him...Literally....Romance was an element that kept the spark in our relationship alive because he knew that he could always come home to a warm bed and some-one to make love too...Omar was naughty in his own way-but preferred to be shy with me, coming up with most of the ideas....I never blamed him for his failures in anything that he worked at because I knew that failure is the greatest learning curve...He once told me that failure is the greatest 'trial and error,' when growing, learning, exploring, discovering and teaching....I must admit that through these e i g h t years Omar has pushed me about two things-The fact to reach President of the United States and to achieve eight children....Nothing more, nothing less....This was our prayer to the Almighty every night...We would often pray that a family that prays together...Stays together....A lesson to the global community....Our children had loved to spend quality time at dinner table discussing our past, our history and our future...They would often poke fun at me for marrying an Indian and all I could say was that their father swooped me off my feet with his looks, his personality, his smartness and his 'quirky lifestyle...' Money was never a drawing card when Omar and I fell in love because I knew his business Footprints Filmworks would highlight fortune-one way or another...I knew that the ladder up towards the presidential ladder would be a tough contest but took the opportunity to support whatever he desired...Every American's dream here in the U.S. is to follow in their parents footprints, something that we should all take a straw out of the hats of American's,,,

With the passage of networks and meetings Omar and I were getting closer towards our dreams set out when we first got married...His fetish ideas about the future were becoming a reality because he never lost focus on the future of his dreams...He had often told me that his dreams at night were becoming a reality because of his sharing heart and 'personality to capture the hearts of billions...' As, Alison, I knew that whatever dream Omar had in his mind would become a reality including the dream of eight children, the dream to follow in the American's heart, the dream to capture my dreams and the dreams to follow in his fellow community leaders wishes...He had often stated in speeches to Congress to form a United front againt the wars on terriorism, to form a United front againt racism and oppression, to form a United front againt 'labour relationships with foreign ties,' and to form a United front againt leaders who had shadowed their focus on creating better opportunities for others...He had often told me that his dreams were not only personal as he included the billions of fans he has worldwide to become better people with a focus on health, wealth and w i s d o m....He had often told me that once upon a time he was a little child with a dream to touch the hearts of billions and as his dreams become a reality, I realize that I am just a player in the game of his life...

I guess the ugly truth about life as I know it is that when we fail we have to force ourselves up again, to remember the memories that we once had and to re-program our minds to achieve results far-outstripping what we had in the future. Omar had often said that his memories in South Africa were forgotten and often spoke to me to mediate his mind which I was a master at. Being the Minister of Finance in the United States, all ears, all hands, all eyes and all fingers were watching Omar's talks and he often had confidence in me to share his thoughts. I was getting closer to my husband and children, but knew that if I wanted him to achieve his dream of President of the United States, it would have to be hard work on his side, on my side, on our campaign's side and the entire U.S. side, to see him as President. Being one of the richest man in the world allowed Omar to invest in companies that were in their first phase, second phase, third phase and fourth phase of growth....Omar often said that the best investment is investment in 'over-spending,' because the company would find the liquidity to match the standards of the economy. Remembering, thinking, sharing and talking to Omar is the greatest highlight of perhaps billions of fans, yet when you with him in person-it is so much different because you actually feel his passion, lust, drive and 'ambition,' in his words..

Falling in love is perhaps the most-talked about subject here in the United States and no-Romeo of hearts will tell you that's it's an easy task to get into a 'woman's pants...' I know Omar slept with many women before he married me, but that's where we understood each other...I was never the type of person to call the women up and ask them questions...I just let it be....And that was my secret to keeping my man....As American's we are often focused by the act of 'falling in love,' and then actually letting it happen....A few friends of mine all don't have boyfriends and they often ask me how did I get a 'golden charm,' as my husband....I guess my prayers really got answered when I was seventeen and I cried one night, sobbing tears, for my PrinCe charming....And I would never regret the moment I opened my 'lucky packet,' with Omar...I realized over time that love, romance and all the 'elements,' that go with it is the best feeling one could ever experiece....So, if you are one of those 'die-hard,' romance people- this book has just started for you as I will share memories with Omar and other memories shared to me by personal friends...Although this is a presidential book to readers, the major topic here in the U.S. is relations and love, and we will do our best to help you 'through the cycle of life....' The truth be said, finding the right guy is difficult, sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we are lucky...The key is always keep trying and never be too much of a flirt...Sure, love is a risk-like all forms of life, but remember that if you have lost the love of your life, trust me-You will find another....As Omar says, if you leave me Alison, the ocean is full of fish...I guess I am the biggest shark he will come across...As American's we fall in love in different ways at a social gathering, at a university, at a theme park or we 'meet by chance...' Omar once told me the easiest thing was to 'get into a woman's pants,' and the most difficult part was keeping it in....Well he kept me in-hook, nook crook and book....

Well, It was September 2018 and The United States had received word from Middle-Eastern countries in the formation and a ceasefire between Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Lebenon as Indians were loosing their fight against the American public...A coalition government was formed amongst the countries mentioned and America would hold a 26 percent share in the country with the country being led by local people....The American, British, South African and Romanian shareholding in the country would hold forces towards a death-free and war-free zone in the country....Although The United States had received war-threats by middle-eastern countries-countries were afraid to repeat the once riddled war's in the 1920's and 1940's....Omar had said that the coalition government in the states would enable free and fair trade between the second and first world countries...The shareholding as stated by the American's was an investment of $14 trillion dollars in the next five years with the countrer-shareholders-sharing in profit gains from the countries who signed the agreement....I had admired Omar because he traveled that September 2018 to Iraq to discuss 'peace talks,' with middle eastern countries-strengthening ties and voters polls towards his American Presidential dream....

Omar had become famous in the United States in states-Alabamba, Califonia, Connecticut, Hawaii,Kansas, Utah, Vermont and Washington and the Capitol had often called him for assembly meetings where he would discuss the past, the present and the future of American's...He was 'the most favourite,' personality in the United States this 2018 and with films filmed in India to be released in coming months could see Abdulla as the 'most popular,' personality in the world....To me, if Omar became President of The United States at his first shot at the title in 2025, or not, it was the fact that he tried that mattered...I think the most sexiest thing about a man, besides his looks, is his mental attifude to 'never say die...' I knew that I would be with Omar every step of the way as his wife and partner...

One morning our children had bunked school and we decided to go shopping to a local mall at our home-town Philadelphia...I had loved to hold my husband's hand whilst shopping because that was perhaps my highlight...Holding Omar's hand without any sexual tactics was the sexiest gift he could ever do for me....Whilst we were strolling through the mall we had purchased some of the latest shopping gadgets and garments and got to speak about our relationship and how far we have come into our lives...I remember this day with awe because Omar looked hotter with his hazel eyes and 'streaked smirk....'

Alison: We have come thus far, my love what do our star-signs say about us for the future??

Omar: I don't believe in that stuff, I learnt in school that our future is written for us, before we are born....!

Alison: Come now love, cheer up...Should I use your pick-up line you used on me the first time we met-What's cooking-goodlooking??

Omar: Ho-Ha...Sorry, I have this strange feeling in my stomach...I don't know wheather to 'jump up and down,' or just lay-limp...!

Alison: What do you mean baby??

Omar: I feel the pressure of my parents starting to take-the toll on me...I receive calls from my parents and siblings in South Africa to visit and I am all mixed up-you know that tingling feeling??

Alison: You have grown-up along time ago Omar...Is it really time to talk about parents-right now...??

Omar: Oh Gosh...I feel strange...That feeling like my mother needs my support and I don't know how to help her...!

Alison: Oh Omar, you should realize that your parents grew you up, they should realize that you have your own children and your own life to lead now....!

Omar: Would that not be unfair to them if they need me....I mean they did grow me up from diapers to where I am today...!

Alison: Omar, my parents taught me that a parent does not need anything...A parents dream is to see their children on their own....Don't you think it's time you take some of my advice....!

Omar: I don't know....We teach our children to love and respect each other and to always love us-no-matter what....

Alison: Omar-your sisters got married and then moved miles away from your parents....Why still bother??

Omar: How selfish Alison-no remorse whatso-ever....

Alison: Fine, if you want to leave to South Africa, I will come with you, if it's just a call to show your love, then that might do the trick....

Omar: Let me think about it...!

We had decided not to visit South Africa as Omar's parents were 'alive and well,' after speaking to them and letting them know about how well he was doing....Omar was often concerned about his parents because his love for them and his father was 73 an age that was perhaps mature and liberal...Omar and I went on with our lives in the United States and promised to visit his father in February 2019 as a birthday bash when he turns 74....Omar had met with members of Congress and decided to run for election in 2025 with conservative party The Republican Party after disputes with the Soviet Union to force an-anti communist country...I had preferred to live in a semi-capitalistic country as American's are perhaps more on the side of American philosophy and ethos...The House of Senate had maintained Abdulla's post as a Republican after previous presidents who ruled the United States including Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagon and George Bush....His friend in Obama had said that a Republic vote was against his Democrat move but supported Abdulla because of his enthusiasm and 'willingness,' to reap the rewards of being written in the history books of time, space, matter and energy....Omar had often said that his meetings with The United Nations, The League of Nations, The African Union and The Global forum would often discuss ways of rescuing the global economy 'out of depression and recession,' as seen in the early 1920's....

The United States had worked on improving standards on fuel, improving standards with foreign embassies, improving standards of 'farming and agriculture,' and improving standards on the local stock exchanges...The recent stock exchange crash in March 2018 saw the Dow Jones move the most in one day almost 932 points, the most since the stock market crash in 1929...Omar had said that a weak dollar was 'good news,' for the export nation-but local producers and manufacturers were feeling the brunt of the import market...Omar would often deliver speeches to the American community about the current spectrum of inflation, land resources, jobless claims and 'interest rate bonds....' I remember in October 2018, Omar and the government had sold over a trillion dollars worth of bonds to Japan to rescue the borrowing rate of American's....I remember reading a local news bulletin where it stated that for every dollar an American earns, $1.34 dollars is forked out by government....Although The United States was the most powerful country in the world in 2018-close competition lagged behind in the form of India, China, South Africa and Brazil...

His vice-presidency will start in 2023 as American's 'cannot wait,' for the hottest hunk to lead the American dream as forecasted more than a decade ago...American's had heard and spoken about Abdulla but was quickly rising in the polls with a recent poll ranking him a 8/10 canditate as the future President of The United States...Global communities including Warsaw, Paris, Delhi, Cape Town, Beijing, Rome, Madrid and Riyadh were routing for Abdulla because of his 'undying support,' when he spoke and constantly quoted in commercials, news-briefs, radio broadcasts and television....As, Alison, I knew that our dreams were starting to shadow attention and I knew that our children would be the benefits to Omar's success....The United States had celebrated it's 250 years birthday-since democracy in 2018 and Omar and I were invited to a dinner in Philadelphia where he addressed Congress...

Omar: Fellow leaders, Fellow communities, Fellow countrymen, Fellow children, Fellow friends, Fellow Fathers and Mothers....I greet you all in the name of peace, humility, 'honour,' and dignity...We are gathered here today to celebrate our country's freedom for the last 250 years...The words of our forefathers perhaps come to focus today as we remember the teachers of our time...Traditional leaders including Martin Luther King and President Obama will be remembered for their work against oppression and discrimination....Funky Presidents including President John F Kennedy and President Clinton for their 'naughty stories,' told by the American media....President George Bush and his son George Bush Jnr for cleaning the wars against humanity...We 'thank you,' all today for your hard and generous work...And to the father of American Presidency-President George Washington-without you The United States would not be the powerhouse it is today....We as countrymen have been through world-wars, civil wars, cold wars and 'nuclear wars,' but we have stood tall because of our teachings from our country....Let it be that we live as American's, die as American's and teach our children and their children about the importance of a United Nation...We are all blessed today with the grace of God, and God Almighty alone can put our hearts and strides towards a better future for all....I Thank you...



FF News: Abdulla 'tops,' World Number One!



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