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Episode 4

Filmed-July 21

Duration-45 minutes

'The Omar Abdulla Show,'

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to this the fourth episode of 'The Omar Abdulla Show....'-produced by Footprints Filmworks...Today, in studio we have 'marketing managers,' and personalities from South Africa and The United States who join us via Skype-including Mr. Shameel Joosub, Mrs Suze Orman, Mr. Mustaq Brey and Mr. Ak Peer...Today, we will be discussing ways of growing ones business and ways of improving customer service, improving 'customer relationships,' improving revenue and other aspects of business....Welcome to our g u e s t s....An introduction by our guests and a quick snapshot about their leadership qualities is addressed and ways to improve 'your business,' for the better...

Shameel Joosub: My name is Shameel, and I am the Managing Director of Vodacom in South Africa for the last twelve years...I started the Vodaworld and together with the nation we have built our networks in South Africa...Your question Mr. Abdulla of improving ways in business is simple...Marketing is the 'most fundermental,' tool in any business and ones business can only grow with the employment of staff, the creation of 'new technology,' the asset management program and giving back to your community with sincere attitude and finesse...

Suze Orman: Thank you for having me on your show...I was voted the 'Worlds greatest sales-personality,' because of my understanding of sales and marketing...I have helped more people in the United States become millionaires after my mentor Napoleon Hill...My approach is simple...I follow a set guideline of tools available in the books that I have written...It also depends on the type of work you do and wheather you are working for a business or self-employed...If you are working for a business and earning a salary-Most questions I get asked are about sales and promotion...If you are an owner of your own business than the tools are also simple...When I appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show I gave advice that the key to sales is as easy as KISS-Keep IT SIMPLE STUPID...

AK Peer: I am the Managing Director of LA Group LTD and associated companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange...We grew up very traditional with our fathers having stores in Cape Town...When my father passed away my brother and I worked our business into new relationships and listed the small-store business on the Stock Exchange and created an asset wealth in Western Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo and Polokwane...Our business is more than thirty years old and the company has newly made billions of rands because of our mergers with other companies...My advice to the viewers is realistic with an 'attitude of today...' I have read Napoleon Hill's books and understand how he built his people into millionaires...With our business it all starts with the staff-If your staff are unhappy-then you have problems...If you have just started a 'new-business,' advertising is an option or one can consider promoting ones business by family, friends, community and then the country...The old saying of Rome was not built in a day-still stands...

Mr. Mustaq Brey: I have a similiar story to Mr. Ak Peer...My company name is Brimestone and we have investments in Old Mutual, Oasis, Footprints Filmworks and other merger investments as part of our branches in the country...I also have a saying from Rome...There was once an Italian Man who prayed to God each day to win the lotto...Then one day the Lord came down to him and said-Purchase a lotto ticket...We can think that luck plays a vital role in referrals of business-but one has to put the effort in and what I have learnt is that 'have the end vision in mind...'

Omar Abdulla: Take me as an Example...When I was twenty-three years old I was trading the stock markets and forex markets and was doing really well for myself...I earned myself almost a billion rand in two years trading the markets, then I lost what I had created and the contacts I had built up...What would your advice be to a person who knew and had the wealth and now has to start from ground-zero...??

AK Peer: Mr. Abdulla-your new business of Footprints Filmworks is almost seven years old-so you have changed your business and you have learnt from your mistakes...I often get interviewed on Cape Talk and residents ask me how to excel their businesses or business...No knowledge is wasted son and remember that with every failure-success is bound to happen...The rule of business is always add the future discount rate to multiply rewards...Lets say for an example a viewer is earning R10 000 per month and that person chooses to earn R50 000 per month...Write down what the business can do to match the income of R50 000 including expenses...You will draw the business to you eventually...Another thought would be the event of tomorrow...Our store business has major competition and ways of marketing your business is taking the oppositions business...Remember a rand has to be spent if earned....

Shameel Joosub: I am an employed staff member of Vodacom and sometimes the board issues me warnings if I do not match goals set by the 'board of directors...' If you are a leader in a business position and if goals fail-remember that tomorrow-the sun will rise...We have to match targets of multi-billion rand targets and a new invention by Telkom or other networks culminates our business...Research the market you are in and keep to a set routine...I remember when I started at Vodacom I use to wake up at 6:am and come home only during weekends...The organization had let me sleep at the office because there was so much work to be done...Dedication is the key to success in any business...To add to Mr. Peer's comments-if you are getting paid a certain salary-and choose that promotion-remember a ladder has many steps and the higher you climb the the better...We often read at 'its lonely at the top,' well...It's not...Change your belief systems about money and you change your income...

Omar Abdulla: I was reading an interesting fact that says that 5000 'new-businesses,' will open in the next five years in South Africa...Is there a way to purchase 'mini shares,' in their companies to help them grow towards the future and what type of business would you advice is a secure investment....??

Mustaq Brey: Investments that reap between 8-15 percent is property investments and lump-sum bank deposits...Investments that reap between 12-19 percent is the Stock Market...Investments that reap between 15-25 percent is ones own business investment-into ones business of choice....Investments that reap between 20-50 percent per annum is the forex market...So, Omar-you were playing with fire in your 'young days...' My advice to viewers is never repeat old mistakes and remember to hedge your investment of choice...If you have received a gift of one million rand even out to earn an average of 20 percent on the investment....!Let your money work for you and don't work for your money...

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment....


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back...During the break we received a call from Shaheen Essop a person who says that he invested in business that failed and started a new business with a new partner-but is afriad to repeat mistakes of the past...He asks the panel for advice...??

Suze Orman: One can understand when one is afraid to enter into a new business with a partner...The number one reason businesses liquidate in The United States is because business do not follow the laws of business...I am going to give you four laws of business that you MUST follow...Number one-Service is the most important elemant in a business...Number 2-The customer is always right...Number three-Never be afraid to joke and engage in conversation with your customer...Number four-Always call back to ask for referrals...Referrals is the 'number one,' source of growing ones business 'beyond borders...'

Shameel Joosub: I once thought of opening my own business and realized that working for a corporate business is the way to go because we get to engage with different nations and people...I am sorry to say our Indian way of business is so-'outdated...' The days of trading and grocery stores is out-dated...I personally believe that our sons of tomorrow must learn to step forward their fathers teachings by taking the approach of Jonathan Ackerman and company...Trust is the most important elemant in business...We at Vodacom have always supported business with a scope for tomorrow and the investment of the future is today...

AK Peer: I enjoyed listening to your laws of business, but I have a certain of my laws that I follow as well...Number one-Never be afraid to pick up the telephone and market your business...Number two-Giving back to the community always 'brings you luck in your business...' Number three-Daily promotion-internally and externally is a MUST...And lastly a businessman who does not believe and love his business will never be a success in his environment...

Omar Abdulla: Thanks for that...We have a question from audience member Zakiyyah Kaloo who just started her business five months ago and plans to become the largest bridal company in South Africa-what advice does our panel offer her...??

Shameel Joosub: If you want to grow your business Zakiyyah-grow yourself...Remember that God answers all prayers and as one of the guests said-prepare a list of potential people who want to get married, match your expense list of R50-000.00, advertise your business-wherever you can and learn more about your business...Very often we pride ourselves that we are 'the best,' in the market only to attend another wedding...Remember your friend Omar who lost in business and remember that no knowledge is wasted...Over time-businesses evolve and remember the market cannot be fooled...You can market and promote your business as best as you want-you also have to know your product well...I remember when I started Vodacom one of the seniors told me before advertising comes product and before product comes practise...

Omar Abdulla: We have a final question from an email that I received...The question asks one of the Directors of the company how does one maintain zest, passion, lust and 'magic,' in ones business on a daily business...??

Suze Orman: Zest and passion are tools of feelings that motivate one to work in business...A business cannot run if one day you wake up and 'you are not in the mood,' and the next day you want to work...How I prepare the many millionaires I have spoken to is draw a map diary-from the first day of the month to the last day of the month and place your appointments that certain things you choose to achieve in your life...A life worth remembering is worth recording....

AK Peer: The destruction of most businesses is failure to plan...Plan and follow that act...Wheather you are a housewife, a banker, a stock-broker or a patron to work envirnment...The way I motivate my 'marketing staff,' that I employ is that they should reach four appointments per day with twenty calls to potential investors...It does the trick in my business...

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests...Tomorrow we will be discussing dating and 'new and improved,' ways of attraction in love, romance and sex...Until tomorrow...Cheers...!


Episode Five

Filmed-July 23

Duration-45 Minutes

'The Omar Abdulla,' Show...

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to another episode of 'The Omar Abdulla,' Show...This show is age-restricted, so if you are a viewer younger than 18 years years old, please kindly switch-off the screen for this episode about love, sex, and romance in relationships between marriages, partners and girlfriends and boyfriends...In studio today, we have 'our one and only,' guest Sakeena Joosub from the local university, Miss Elna Mcintosh and Dr. Malene Wasserman to discuss 'pillow-talk,' between husband and wife-primary....Welcome guests....!

Elna Mcintosh: Thank you for having us...Let us start off...I am a sexual therapist that hails in Johannesburg-if you are having problems creating the 'sexual interest,' in your marriage-you can call me directly on 0117871222...Often marriages and relationships fail because of the loss of interest between partners, because one partner has 'fallen-out-of-love,' or because one has an affair...I am here to help you remain faithful and keep the 'juice&spark,' in your relationship alive...We welcome calls from guests and talks from the studio audience...

Sakeena Joosub: I am a regular guest of Omar's on his network base and I am here to assist the male or female with dating questions to help create and maintain the love in a relationship and marriage....As Elna said-I am here to answer your questions as well...

Dr. Marlene Wasserman: Hello all...I am a relationship personality that specializes in sexual intercourse, Kama-Sutra and other sexual positions to stimulate the sexual fantasies between men and women...I also specialize in helping relationships acquire the love-interest and sexual satisfaction between couples...

Omar Abdulla: Okay, lets begin...I have had over 200 girlfriends in my past relationships and I sometimes think about the women I have dated and reasons why I failed...Perhaps it was arrogance, perhaps it was un-satisfaction, perhaps it was they were 'not my style,' or perhaps I fell 'out-of-love,' with them...What advice would you suggest for other people who have dated many women to over-come this phobia...??

Sakeena Joosub: I would like to say to Omar that many of the women he dated were perfect...Infact all of them were...The problem was him...Very often we go into relationships trying to overcome another relationship...If you have had your heart-broken allow yourself atleast six-eight months before you jump into bed with another person...As a muslim we are not allowed to engage into any sexual relationship before marriage but with the modern world women and men are having sex much younger than 18....I would also suggest that it's difficult to overcome a relationship if you are not truly honest...Men and women want different things from a relationship and the reason Omar failed is because I know his 'playboy styles,' in school and university...Dating four-six women at a time taught him a lesson not to fuss with a womens heart...One day you will experience the heart-broken attitude as well...

Omar Abdulla: I hate to swear on national television so I rather keep my mouth shut...I am going through a stage in my life that I lost over a billion rand in business, lost women that I once loved, and constantly have fights with siblings for no reason...Call me a dumb-ass or dumb folded for feeling this way...I feel that my dreams have become nightmares and my prayers to the Lord are going un-answered...Was it something that I did or failed to do that caused me so much pain in my past that my pleasures are 'some-what,' blocked...??

Dr Marlene Wasserman: Omar, I admire you for being honest and open about how you feel...Thank You to share his true story with us, especially at your level...My advice to you is time is the best healer...You cannot sit and moap and groan all day about your losses...What happened to the motivation talk I watched the other morning on 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' and if you could open up more to me, I would be able to help you...

Omar Abdulla: You see Doctor, when you have the world and the universe at your fingertips and within an instant it's gone...It's a tough pill to swallow...You see Doctor, when you are the most famous person in school, in university, in the community and at one stage the country, you suddenly have people who claim to love you-spit in your face, it's a tough pill to swallow...You see Doctor, when you are the 'most-admired,' person by people who love and respect you to suddenly become nothing, it's a tough pill to swallow, especially if's its from your family, from your friends, from your 'fellow community leaders,' and from country folk...

Dr. Marlene Wasserman: You say you dated over 200 women Omar, I can sense a sense of pride in your ego, do you want to go off air to discuss your issues or would you like to come out...??

Omar Abdulla: Doctor, to the persons who I dated and hurt-the least I can say is sorry...In the rush I felt all the 200 womens pain in one go because I somewhat was selfish and un-sharing towards them...I feel that the hurt I caused them bounced off on me and I am finding it difficult to forgive myself...You see Doctor, when I was in school and university, women would 'drop-dead,' for me, and I loved the attention...Until I found the women whom I loved so much-more than a million lifetimes and I got to be the fool at the end...You see Doctor, when you are the highest brand to a woman and suddenly you are not-you feel there is no room to love anymore, you feel that there is no cause in love, you feel that love is the worst possible solution, you feel that you could just stop loving forever...

Dr. Marlene Wasserman: I think you have all the audience glued to 'your story,' Omar-without names briefly explain the feelings of love for these women and elaborate more...I am shaking just listening to you...I don't think I have met a man with so much in him at one go...!!

Omar Abdulla: I think that you love each person differently and it depends at what stage of love you are...When I was 16 to about 19 I loved a woman by the name of Miss F...I loved her with every beat of my heart and no person could ever seperate us...We were in university together and our love was the most that I ever felt for anyone and the experiences we shared could perhaps cover 'romantic novels,' that would wet the appetite of the normal human being...Before we were about to marry, she had passed away, and till today I still love her...Then I fell in love with a woman who claimed to love me-she was the most gorgeous woman I dated-Miss M...She was gorgeous and loved me more than anyone could imagine...I loved Miss M, and met her on a daIly basis...I was crushed when one day I found her cheating on me-with one of my best friends...Cheating in the sleeping way...Then I met Miss A whom I loved more than life itself because I had the experiences not to repeat...I loved Miss A because she was my best friend and loved to speak to her for hours...I suppose I ran away from the relationship with Miss A because I was not ready for her pressures in business, in media, in whatever dreams she had-I was perhaps a coward in my practice...Then I met Miss Z whom I loved and taught that we could develop something only to realize she had family pressures and was not ready for a full-blown relationship...I feel that I loved each ot them in a different way but cannot find a way to forgive myself and move on...I feel that I do want a woman whom I can love and love again...I feel that I am constantly haunted by their love that I myself find it difficult to commit to another relationship...What would you say to my story and advice to me to move on, away from my past and START fresh with my new-bride of three months??

Sakeena Joosub: I must admit Omar that when you were in university with me, you were the most-popular lad and even I had a difficult time to spend with you...Do you remember that girl who use to write messages in your briefcase and wonder who use to write those letters...Well-it was me...I would say Omar that you should not worry about those women now...If they slept with other men, or are married, it's of no concern to use...Weather you broke their virginity or not-that remains for their knowledge...It is never a good think for a man to brag about whom he slept with and who he did not...Life is sometimes unfair Omar, and I hope our panel can help soothe your sorrows...If you say you are married, are you not happy??

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment....!


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to our guests and viewers...I must say I shed a few tears off screen whilst we were on a break because the memories shared remembered me of my days...Back to the questions...We have a question from audience member Samuel Anderson who says that he is geeky at university and never had a girlfriend in his life...What can our panel do and say to assist him in finding his 'dream woman...'

Sakeena Joosub: When I often get picked up at university or a mall it's the approach...I am happy that you are single and it's good to save yourself for a woman who will one day appreciate you...Although cheesy pick-up lines work the best approach is a smile...A smile radiates love...A guy I once dated told me that I have six different smiles and told me how I smile each time...Pay attention to details Samuel and remember that you should never give up...It does not mean you got put-off once, you should try again, with the same women...Women love a man who is strong, funky, fun, jovial, funny and handsome...Looks play a role-even if you are unattractive you can still find a hot woman...It's how you come across and talk...

Elna Mcintosh: Samuel, never loose hope...Even the fattest, ugliest and most-unattractive of us attract pretty woman...Sometimes the ugly guys get the hot women and drive the smart cars...If it's a date you after ask one of your friend-male or female if they know of someone in the community or area for a telephone number...Women love to be amazed and talked about...I find the new-way of dating like joining mirc, mig33, prodigits or facebook not the way to find a woman...Face to face is 'old-fashioned,' but works the best...

Omar Abdulla: Thanks members for your answers...We have a last question, then we going to call it a day...The question received from Angela Cronje from the Valhalla asks the audience members what are the erroroneous zones of both men and women...??

Dr. Marlene Wasserman: Both men and women have different sexual interests depending on age...For most men it's their *****, their chest, their face and their lips...Men love to be pampered by the occasions BJ and touched and kissed in the area's mentioned...Obviously, the greatest sexual impact would be sexual intercourse...I find for women they love to be teased, 'joked around,' and spoken too before any sexual advances can take effect...Their erroneous sparks are having their breasts-touched and kissed, their virgina kissed and touched and their lips kissed...I once dated a guy who could kiss me for an hour straight-perhaps that is a great turn-on...It depends on the male or female you are in a relationship with...It's also good to ask the person where the person wants to be touched and carressed...I also found that sexual penetration has the most effect in women apart from foreplay....

Omar Abdulla: Thanks to our guests and audiences...Be back on Monday where we will be discussing ways of health and 'self-home,' remedies for the family...See you then!...


Episode Six-Season One

Filmed July 28th

Duration-45 minutes

'The Omar Abdulla,' Show

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to another show of 'The Omar Abdulla,' Show...Today we will be taking questions from the public and calls that we receive on our lines @ 012 3703469/0860Footprints or you can send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ..... In studio today we have Mr. Jeremy Lawrence, University lecturer Mrs Sarah Eagger and Professor Alan Riley...Today, we will be sharing, discussing, talking and speaking about 'home remedies,' in the home and at the office...Welcome to our g u e s t s...Lets get started...I received a call from Carla Mcdonald who currently plans to become pregnant in this month and asks the panel what she can do to instill the pregnancy message in her body, mind and spirit...She says that she is 26 years old...

Mr. Jeremy Lawerence: If it's your first pregnancy then there are four simple steps...Step one:-You and your partner have to fully agree that you choose to share a baby together and no-matter what happens-you should remember that the child will follow your relationship...It's a big step choosing to get pregnant...Step Two; Get off all contraceptive medication two months before you engage in the pregnancy plan...Step three: See a doctor when is the perfect time that your ovaries are in scope for laying the sperm into the egg...This is normally after four-six days after your menstuation cycle ends...Step four: The day your husband and you choose to create the baby-take photo's and share an evening that you can circle around a calendar...

Professor Alan Riley: Calra, I would suggest that pregnancy is a huge step and remember that a baby requires the love of both parents...If you both agree that a plan is required in a relationship than you are on a 'good foot...' My advice would be to be secure, you need to be married for atleast one year before you take the step of a baby...Marriages fail because children spoil a relationship-in the many cases I have seen...If you are financially, emotionally and mentally ready for the pregnancy, you should go right ahead...

Omar Abdulla: What is the process of fertilization for some viewers who 'do not,' understand the process of pregnancy on our 'special late night,' show this evening...??

Professor Alan Riley: Fertilization is the process of a male sperm joining with the female egg...This process is experienced by animals as well...A sperm of a billion is released at one time to join with only one egg...If the female has two eggs, this results in twins...You should be lucky that you were chosen from one billion sperm...The process is that the sperm cell is an X chromosome and the female chromosome depends on the sperm the egg joins...If the X chromosome joins an X chromosome with the mother-this results in a male boy...If the female chromosome is a Y chromosome then the result is a female...That's why the world population is 2:1-Females:Males...

Omar Abdulla: In the next question we have an email from Anton Rupert from Rylands in the Western Cape who asks the panel that his father is going through a depression at the moment and what can he do to help him through this cycle of life...He says that his father is forty-nine years old...

Sarah Eagger: Depression in it's starting stages can be a revolting experience to the family but can be stopped without medication...Anton, the reason your father or any father goes through stages might be because of you...Perhaps he failed in business or lost the relationship spark with your mother...My answer to your question is simple...Take your dad for a walk between 20-30 minutes per day and feed your father plenty of nutrient foods like-nuts, strawberries, curries and 'lots of hugs...' It's important to remember that any type of medication is a 'no-good,' even if its for a headache or toothache...An asprin is a depressant on it's own...Depressions normally last for three-six months and the person will come out of it eventually...Symtoms of depression include loss of passion, loss of drive, loss of 'work-force,' and odd sleeping hours...Time is the greatest 'healer...'

Omar Abdulla: I also say that if your father is going through a depression Anton-leave him alone...Sometimes depression occurs because we have a change of mind towards a certain cause in our lives...I hope you bought your father a lovely gift for fathers day and created loving memories for him,,,Many times depression occurs if we keep doing the same thing without results...My advice to you Anton is 'love your father,' but be subtle because it's difficult to show your love to your father as a son...Next, we have a call from Sussanah De Silva from Johannesburg who is 18 years old and constantly has 'wet-dreams,' about a certain man...What would your advice be to her as a 'home-remedy...'

Professor Alan Riley: Having 'wet-dreams,' Sussanah is a normal part of growing up...Since you are 18-you are allowed to have sexual dreams and fantasies about a certain man...You cannot stop your orgasm process with your dreams and I would not advice you to stop it because it's a natural part of ones life...

Omar Abdulla: We next have a question from audience member James Willis who is currently fifty five years old and what 'home-remedies,' are on offer to extend his life to over the age of ninety...He says that although his retirement policy is coming to a close in ten years time-he wants to enjoy his money with his family...He asks the board what advice would one suggest to a long-life...??

Jeremy Lawrence: You have lived to fifty five and you have past the cycle of your life where it's time to increase long-life in your life...But I am going to try...Daily routine excercise works well, speak well about your children, and remain stress-free...Remember that money is a great stress creator so it's good to not worry about certain issues in your life...Mediation, yoga, relaxation and be 'aware,' of your breathing...The longer breathes you take the longer you will live...The average person in the United States lives to about 69 and works on an allocated 35 billion breathes...Take longer breathes, watch your diet, improve your metabolism and don't think too much...Allow life to flow...!

Omar Abdulla: My granny in London is ninety, and she never feels sick...I also suggest that when you reach the age of 75-a retirement home would be an advantage because they are trained professionals at maintaining your age....! We now, have an email from Nkosi Mbabele who is suffering with acne...What advice would our panel offer her...??

Professor Alan Riley: Use the special colors that my friend Omar Abdulla is wearing-Clearasil...If you cannot afford a skin product, you can wash your face-three times per day and normal lotion...Acne is a growing phase and normally lasts over a year or two...The reason you experience acne is because the oil pigment in your glands secretes too much sebacious oil...I would also suggest that calamine lotion before bed lightens up your face...Another suggestion would be to use egg yolk-it not only increases the shine on your face, it also cleanses the glands that create blemishes...

Sarah Eagger: You asked a question Nkosi that millions of people go through...Even when you are passed the stage of adolescence Nkosi a good clean face is a MUST...I am jealous of boys because they don't have to wear make-up or any products on their skin which causes long term effects...There are many self-help books that you can read to get-rid off the pimples on your face...Although pimples are un-attractive to the opposite sex, it will go away soon...Remain confident...!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back...While we were on a break I asked one of the guests- has the role of doctors in society changed since in the 1800's...

Professor Alan Riley: The role of doctors has changed because in the early days their right was to help people and to help society even if they could not afford it...Today, a heart-transplant can cost a person up-to R60.000.00...The days where you needed the help of a doctor at a fraction of the cost are out...The doctors role in society has changed because of the evolution of drugs and 'new forms,' of rights to doctors...I believe that if a person becomes a doctor his services MUST be free to the community for all causes as this is his duty as a professional...

Omar Abdulla: Thanks for that Professor...We have a question received from Zaiboon Majoti from Rustenburg asking that are their any special treatments for smokers who choose to quit and what ways offered by the panel could be off good use...??

Jeremy Lawerence: There are many ways to quit smoking and you cannot go 'cold-turkey,' in an instant...You could drink ginger tea and honey water to speed up the process...You could use visual pictures in your mind that you will gain weight and that your skin tone will come-back...Look at the advantages of stopping the smoking process and see the results...Remember that the brain is a replace organ and will replace a habit with another habit...Stopping smoking can increase your life-span of up-to ten years..

Omar Abdulla: Mr. Lawerence I am a smoker and cannot live without a smoke atleast every hour...Is it the selling of society for this brand become so-tainted...??

Jeremy Lawerence: South Africa has banned the advertising of smoking and you Mr. Abdulla will stop when the time is right...As I said, smoking is an addiction that harms your body for the long term...Consider your options and take it from there....

Omar Abdulla: Thanks...We now have a question from audience member Shakira Dasoo from Bokaap asking the panel what is the natural way to grow-long and curvy hair-like the actresses seen on television...??

Sarah Eagger: The hair grows 3cm every month, so you cannot speed this process up faster...You can try one of my favourite methods of mixing lemon, honey and egg on the scalp of your head to liven up your natural head-beauty...Another suggesstion would be to use Indian Mendhi to lengthen your hair and if you are one of those people who cut your hair often-don't...Men love long hair and the longer hair you have the sexier you will be from within and outside...

Omar Abdulla: Interesting comments and facts...We have the l a s t question received by email from Mr. Felix Mashante who says that he suffers from stress from work and what are the ways offered by the panel to reduce stress and increase blood flow...??

Professor Alan Riley: There are many ways to reduce stress...Use the history of our forefathers that 'laughter is the best medicine...' Put on a great film-preferably produced by Footprints Filmworks or any flick that you enjoy...If you are married, lie flat on your stomach and let your wife or your mother massage you...Let her massage the vertebra below your medulla oblongata with special olive or lime gel...I would also suggest that you can take a hot bath-put the candles on and relax...We all work and have stressful stakes at bay...

Omar Abdulla: That's all we have time for today...Tomorrow we will be taking calls and emails from personalities asking them if they were the President of South Africa for a day, what changes and causes would they create effect in the country...Until tomorrow...!!



FF News: The Omar Abdulla Show-6



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