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PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:36 pm 
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gin03 wrote:
Kano PacMan Fan wrote:
gin03 wrote:
Floyd was done ahead of Pac 2 years ago. In this round he didn't score a single clean punch all deflected by his opponent and this is why.

A boxer has a chance against Floyd if he has 1. Footwork, 2. A good of combination punches with speed, 3. Stamina, 4. Have good jabs and timing and of course 5. Can able to use left hand with ease.

And Pacquiao has it all. Floyd's shoulder roll is only designed for right hander (no way right hander can penetrate the shoulder roll) If Floyd tries to shift position on his right to make his shoulder roll effective against the lefty he will have a hard time throwing his natural punch.

Pac is slippery because of his footwork all he has to do is to box and feint around Floyd use more jabs and timing if Floyd is on the ropes flurry him with combinations and simply walk away never give Floyd a chance to counter, simply hit and run.

Pacquiao and Bradley (because of his slickness) have a chance. Khan was avoided because he has footwork and good combination punch.

So here's the sample watch and go directly to round 6 at 20:24 of the video

As a southpaw, I can say without a doubt that your analysis of the shoulder roll used against an orthodox fighter works just fine. Thus, an orthodox fighter can effectively use the shoulder roll defense against a southpaw.The true argument is that Mayweather's timing and movement is designed against an orthodox fighter. It doesn't have anything to do with the shoulder roll defense. Mayweather struggles against speed, high pressure, volume punchers, and punchers who move a lot. Pacquiao is tailor-made to beat Mayweather. Mayweather always adjusts well to anybody he has fought, he is definitely smarter as a boxer than Pacquiao is.

I don't get it I don't know how you watch boxing match. During your convenient time try to watch all Mayweather fight where he use the shoulder roll, you will notice he use the style only when his opponent is right hander, the right hander whose stronger hands is the right will hit nothing but the shoulder this is why it is called shoulder roll, check one fight against Guerrero who is a left hander he did not use the shoulder roll because if he do the stand his head is facing the right and is very open for the left hook try to make the stand in front of the mirror. That is why if he ever face Pacquiao he already give one defensive tool his potent defense.

But Floyd is not confident enough that he could do it against Pac, that's why up to now he just hide from excuses to avoid the pacman.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:13 pm 

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Cotto opted to take it easy attack and go attack and go ala Manny Pacquiao! Resulting to a bloody nose and this happen more than 2 years ago how much more Floyd gets old.

Go at 20:24 of the video.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:37 pm 

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Addy wrote:
Indomitable_Soldier wrote:
Floyd in the video is open if ever manny's the opponent he will taste the powerful punch that has made Hatton knocked out cold.

Floyd Jr is like a sniper...Pac will get tag all night

Pacquiao is like a WMD...

...before Floyd, the Black Sniper, could even aim at Pac, he's already blown to smithereens.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:00 am 

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Son2 wrote:

I fear this may be the same story again if Manny fights Floyd. Manny as he is now may only get 2 or 3 good hits on Floyd.. and Floyd would run and jab with his longer reach and keep on running.. Manny couldnt cut the ring off with Bradley. How can he do it with Floyd?

You underestimate Bradley, and the pacman. Just wait and see, no need to speculate :) Live life for now, forget analyzing. Pacman for the win, younger, faster feet and hands.
Floyd is potshot fast only, for stationary opponents. You can't say that about the pacman.

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