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Author:  Pols71 [ Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:02 am ]

junpals1 wrote:
The stoppage was correct. You can't just walk away from the referee. I would stop the fight myself if I was refereeing the fight. One big problem for Filipinos fighting abroad is cheating. I really believe whenever we send our kids to fight abroad, they are up against fighters with heavily loaded gloves. How many people are paid by the promoters to accompany their fighters. One or two? This won't be enough number of people to watch how their opponents are putting on their tapes. While their opponents have all the manpower to see that this is not done on the Filipino side. Those Mexican fighters hit too hard. Way too hard. It is actually really easy to cheat when taping the boxers. Too easy that it would take only a few seconds to do it. You don't even need to use cement. But cement would be an ultimate weapon. I thought Barrera was caught by the Pacquiao team of overdoing his wraps before their fight. It was only because the Pacquiao team always have enough people to cover everything. And Margarito, well, everybody knows about it. This is a common complain of Filipino fighters going abroad. Their opponents' punches has got to have something with them. Most of our boys who go abroad sparred with fighters maybe twenty pounds heavier than them. Heavier punches won't surprise them. But whenever they fight abroad something is suspicious. Those Mexicans hit too hard whenever fighting in Mexico. I don't believe our fighters are bums, just as many people here would love to call them whenever they lose. But this is probably the nasty truth. They are being cheated not only via the judges but the way their opponents' are taped.
It is so easy to cheat with the hand wraps. You can actually create some sort of a brick with those wraps by manipulating some soaked tapes, tightening and twisting them like you are making a rope and lapping it over the knuckles several times. Then you put the wraps around it to disguise it. If someone comes to check it, the knuckle area will feel soft while the hands are stretched open. But once the hands are clenched into fists, those wraps manipulated to act like ropes will protrude and harden as it the wraps will conform will the contours of the knuckles. Don't ever try this. This is only for educational purposes. You can actually cause serious injuries.

Bro, seems you are familiar with the hand wrapping. I assumed that Dapudong's team was present inside Marquez' dugout the hand wraps is being done to him.

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