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Manny turned pro when he was still prepubescent
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Author:  bongoton [ Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Manny turned pro when he was still prepubescent

This is really an interesting observation by Doug Fischer regarding Manny being 106lbs at one time, and I think its legit..
Anyway, the point here is Pacquiao, with all his accomplishments is not someone to be criticized..

Source: (Dougie's Massive Monday Mailbag)


To these eyes the criticism of Pacquaio's choice of Diaz versus Marquez's choice of Casamayor seems to be a bit hasty, harsh even. Is it me, or is the fact that Pacquaio started his career at 106 pounds being overlooked in all these comparisons?

Was Diaz the easiest route to at title? Certainly, and while he looked good stopping Diaz, JMM's showing versus Casamayor was more telling, more dominant. In that regard Marquez is the top dog at 135. But I would be remiss if I didn't take into account where the Pac-Monster began his career and where Marquez began his. Winning a title nearly 30 pounds above where an individual debuted versus another roughly 9 pounds over is tough to compare. Maybe we, as fans are taking it for granted, everything Pacquaio has accomplished, because he has been so dominant at each stage of his career and we're bursting at the seems to let the world know, what the rest of us junkies have always known - that JMM is a cold-blooded technical assassin.

Just to play devil's advocate, wouldn't Marquez have to defeat a lesser title holder at 154 for comparisons to be made? – James

Doug's reply:

Not really, James, because you have to take into consideration how old Pacquiao was when he turned pro. He was 16. Marquez was 19 when he turned pro, and from what I’ve been told, those first few fights in Mexico took place at bantamweight, or just under 120 pounds.

Who knows how much Marquez weighed when he was 16 years old? My guess is that it was around the flyweight limit of 112 pounds.

Floyd Mayweather turned pro at 130 pounds, but if he had turned pro when he was 16, guess what weight class he would have fought at? Junior flyweight. Mayweather won the 106-pound title at 1993 national Golden Gloves tournament.

If Oscar De La Hoya, who has fought as heavy as middleweight, turned pro when he was 16 years old he would have been a bantamweight. The Golden Boy won the 119-pound title at the 1989 national Golden Gloves tournament. Roy Jones Jr., who turned pro at middleweight and held a major heavyweight title, won the 119-pound title at the ’84 Junior Olympics tournament. Jones was 15 years old at the time.

While reading John Scully’s excellent ‘Who Beat Who: Tales from the Amateurs’ series I was surprised to learn that a Sharmba Mitchell, who was a two-time junior welterweight titlist as a pro, won the 106-pound title at the ’85 Junior Olympic tournament when he was 15 years old. But nobody is awe of Mitchell’s climb in weight because when he was a top junior flyweight he was a pre-pubescent amateur boxer, just like Mayweather was when he won his 106-pound title.

I’m not trying to downplay Pacquiao’s accomplishments. I consider him to be the no. 1 fighter, pound for pound, on the planet in part because he’s excelled in so many weight classes. But I put the fact that he turned pro at 106 pounds in perspective because it’s obvious that he was prepubescent at the time. Guys like Mayweather, De La Hoya, and Jones turned pro in the same divisions that they won their first world titles because they were 19 years old and post-pubescent young men.

Anyway, if message board mutants are dissing Pacquiao’s pit-stop at lightweight tell them to get a freakin’ life. The man has arguably been the number one fighter in four weight classes (112, 122, 126 and 130 pounds) and has faced and defeated three bona fide future hall of famers (Barrera, Marquez and Morales) on his way up the ranks. He’s not a fighter that should be criticized.

Author:  bongoton [ Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manny turned pro when he was still prepubescent

Dang!! I'm really sorry.. I posted this in the wrong forum :banghead:

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