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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:10 pm 

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New crypto currency (All)
If you would have bought Bitcoin for $1000 Back in day of 2013, they would have been worth more than $3 million today. Some people did and it changed their lives, i.e., a nice place to live, a new car, nice holidays, but most of all -- More Time To Spend With Their Loved Ones.

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R2B Coin is now in its first phase of the pre-trade sales period and therefore this is your chance.

R2B COIN, Out OF HONG KONG and only $.28 cents each & soon will Increase in Value, to $188.00 each, like the BITCOIN DID. And you will have $16,000. + In Your BANK.

According to calculations, history, the number of available R2B Coins, market analysis and the help of the huge amount for marketing, it is expected that R2B Coins will reach $200 within three months after the start of trading, and will be among top 5 currencies in 1-1,5 years.

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Conference Calls every Thursday
This is a HOT NEW cryptocurrency in it's word-of-mouth, PRE-BUY stage before it is released to the exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a unique cryptocurrency in that it was started in Hong Kong merging a unique business model of MLM with cryptocurrency technologies
INTRODUCTION ----------------------------------------------------
Did you miss the Bitcoin wave like so many other people? Well, here is your 2ND chance. Like that infamous coin which was started through a word-of-mouth, grass roots operation, this coin is spread only through referrals. Be one of the lucky few to seize this golden opportunity. Please see the attached images from the actual website. Many people have already received thousands of dollars in commission even before it has hit the market, but you can also be a passive, buy-and-hold investor. If you do get involved in the MLM aspect, you can MORE than cover your initial dollar investment, and make a hefty profit.
This is not a simple get rich-quick scheme as the people behind it have integrity and really want to see this succeed. There are currently charity organizations, humanitarians, and social entrepreneurs lined up behind this venture.
You ONLY need $28 to get started. This $28 is the minimum level to buy coins which is currently equivalent to $1,700. But if you buy any of the packages, they will DOUBLE your coins until Jan 15th. Highly recommended. You can easily earn more than 110 times your investment. HUGE profit. It does not stop there, no, the company will work towards the coin achieving a value of $1000+ That's not all, you can earn binary and uni-level commissions if you wish to refer other members. Several people have already started earning hundreds to thousands of dollars in commissions!!!
You can simply purchase the coins and sell them at the end of the ICO for a huge profit, or hold them for a while longer and earn even more.
SOME FACTS ----------------------------------------------------
• This cryptocurrency originated in the summer of 2017 in Hong Kong for the Asian market
• It was introduced to the US in early Nov 2017
• Two US consultants brought this coin over to the states.
• Already 5,600 people have signed up and purchased coins and this amount is growing
• 8 is a lucky number in China, being an infinity symbol. (Opening price is $188, starting price was $0.008, goes-to-market at $188,888,888.88)
• This is a SECURED, pre-mined coin unlike Bitcoin which is algorithm based
• This coin is secured by the Williams Corporation LTD in Hong Kong, which is licensed and brokered
• This is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) meets MLM (Multi-level Marketing).
• The MLM programs (Binary Tree or Uni-Level Program) are OPTIONAL to participate in, but highly lucrative
• The coin is presently priced at approximately $3.03 and the value is increasing on a daily basis.
• Once the coin reaches $188 in value the ICO will end and it will be added to the several public exchanges.
HOW TO JOIN ----------------------------------------------------
When joining, please enter your sponsor as: percival28
HOW TO BUY COINS ----------------------------------------------------
• Credit Card or Debit Card
• AliPay
• Bank Transfer
• Bitcoin
WHAT DO I DO? ----------------------------------------------------
1. Enroll in the site with the sponsor code
2. Purchase a $28 subscription under the menu: R2B IMP > R2B IMP (This allows you to receive commissions)
3. Buy any package under the menu: R2B Coin > R2B COIN
4 Attend the conference calls every Thursday (if you like)
The price is rising every day, every hour. This is an unrivaled opportunity!!!!
When joining, please enter your sponsor as: percival28
You can access the site with the above information. Check it out NOW.
••Why an MLM?
This coin decided to bypass the usual route of marketing coins by using the time-tested Multi-Level Marketing. This saves a lot of advertising dollars. In this way, the coin can leverage an individuals' network of lucky friends, family and associates and continue to spread the good news and enrich people's lives. This is the only cryptocurrency which has integrated two types of MLM programs. There are talks of continuing this after release, so that investors may receive passive income indefinitely.
••Do you work for the company?
NO. I wish I did so that I'd get a lot more coins :)
••When will this be released?
They are aiming for the end of March 2018
••Can I just buy a package?
Yes, and be a buy-and-hold investor. I do recommend getting the $28 subscription so that you can recoup your initial investment and make a lot more $$$ by activating the: MLM programs: Binary Tree and the Uni-level program. All you have to do is spread the word. That's what this coin is all about!
••What's this Left and Right leg?
That is part of the binary tree program. It has two legs or branches. People you sign up appear by default on the right leg. I recommend you build up a "power leg" of up to 4,000 points on the right, then switch to the left. You will leverage the power of my previous sign-ups. It's explained more under menu: My Network > Payment Plan
••Is this risky?
Like ALL cryptocurrencies, there is an element of risk. This, though, is secured and unique in that respects. Invest only what you're comfortable with, though if you invest more, you make A LOT more money!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:28 am 

Joined: Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:31 pm
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I've only been with company a week now have over 45 people under me and people that sign up under me are also earning commission already, or you can simply just buy and hold company is targeting to pass bitcoin value as more and more people join in the coin value keep rising til it reaches $188 and goes public.

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