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PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 8:53 pm 
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Here are few boxers who came out short but gave Floyd a hell of a fight.

1. Oscar Delahoya - won at least 4-5 rounds against Floyd. His jabs was effective early in the fight and there were some rounds where he cornered Floyd to the ropes and landed some strong hooks to the body. Oscar came with the right gameplan but he slowed down in the middle rounds the last few rounds were also a closed fight.

2. Miguel Cotto - Just like Delahoya Cotto also won at least 4-5 rounds against Floyd. The problem with Cotto in that fight is that he didn't start aggressively in the early rounds and only came strong in the middle rounds. If only Cotto won some of the early rounds then he could have won the fight.

3. Shane Mosley - won a single round but that single round he almost KD or KO Floyd.

4. Zab Judah - Won the first 3-4 rounds and had Mayweather in trouble. He gassed out in the middle rounds and also Floyd adjusted successfully.

5. Demarcus Corley - staggered Floyd a couple of times. won at least 2 rounds.

Cotto and Delahoya in their primes might have beaten Floyd via close decision. Cotto is a smart brawler and good boxer-puncher who throws very effective body punches while Delahoya was a versatile fighter who can box or brawl depending on his opponent style. It's really hard to out-smart Floyd by trying to box with him just watch his bouts with Marquez, Gatti, and Judah. Although Judah won the early rounds Floyd easily made some adjustments and easily won the rest of the rounds. Floyd is actually one of the best or actually the best fighter in terms of making adjustments. I believe if there's a blueprint on how to beat Floyd which is easier said than done i guess you really have to be aggressive, throw a lot of jabs, body punches,don't think of a ko OR lucky punch, launch an all out attack right from the opening bell (try to steal the first 2-3 rounds) Floyd will surely make an adjustment and will punish you in the middle rounds, one must have reserved stamina and once again try to win the last few rounds. I actually like Guerrero's chance of winning tom and here are my reasons.

1. Guerrero is a versatile fighter (he can box and he can brawl) but against Floyd there's no way he can win this fight by trying to box with Floyd. He needs to brawl.

2. Guerrero got good footworks and he's definitely faster compared to Cotto.

3. He's 6 years younger and Floyd's movements has not been the same (he's already 36 years of age).

4. Guerrero is confident that he can penetrate that shoulder roll defense as he did against Berto.

5. Guerrero looks bigger and stronger and he's also a multi division world champ.

Let us all enjoy the fight tom.

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 10:05 pm 
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Don't forget Emanuel Augustus and Jose Luis Castillo...

Floyd could have easily become the best of his era because of a Pacquiao win, but his era itself prevented him. An era where people, things and opinions are connected. Technology changed the way it preserves history, no restrictions nor exemptions.

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 10:09 pm 
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Nice analysis bro. As long as i wanted the ghost to win but PBF is just in another league.

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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2013 1:12 am 
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Blueprint to beat Floyd!

simple...if any boxer can do it!
"Attack w/o stopping...make to room for Floyd to think"

his instinct is to cover when you're attacking relentlessly!
Then timed your KO punch when his mind is preoccupied!

Boxer must have great Stamina to do this!

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