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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:14 am 

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That was that definitely an **s kicking performance by Manny. Simply, AWESOME . It was like combining all his early years and greatest boxing clips in one fight. Always on the attack, always pressuring, never giving David Diaz a chance to breath.

You have to give David Diaz credit for giving a good fight. Man, the guy is tough, no matter how many times Manny hammered Him, no matter how many times he was cut, no matter how many times he bled, he would never go down, until the 9th round.

Freddie Roach's fight plans was absolutely brilliant, unpredictable and effective. By keeping David Diaz in the center of the ring, Manny neutralized David's fighting style. Instead of outbrawling, outslugging David, Manny outboxed him.

From what I've seen, if you look back at his previous fights, Manny continues to get better and improve as a complete boxer. He still has speed and power even at a higher weight class. This win was definitely a vast improvement compared to the JMM II fight. JMM II exposed his defenses.

In this fight, Manny's defense was definitely tight, when David mounted his attack, Manny would just block, parry or back off. As a fan, I prefer watching Manny outbox his opponent rather than outbrawl his opponent. Now if he combines and incorporates JMM great technical boxing skills along with his existing boxing skills, watch out world - he would continue to dominate the boxing world for many years.

Proposed plans.....

For the sheer fact of trying to break Mayweather's $20 million purse and to give Oscar a final going out retirement present why not fight him. The market and money is there for the taking.

To extend Manny's fame worldwide, to transcend national and cultural boundaries, to take Manny to the level of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, I would recommend that he fight Ricky Hatton. Its time to take on Great Britain and give a Mexico a break.

And to consolidate his grip and hold in his division and be the undisputed lightweight champion of the world, defintely go after Nate Campbell.

List of Current World Boxing Champions: ... _champions

Here as some great songs to celebrate: ... re=related

PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:15 pm 

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Below are some videos on clinching, footwork, blocking, head movement....etc.

If ALA is suppose to be the premier boxing outfit in the PI, were in trouble. Its top boxers continue to lose and choke on the big fights against foreign boxers. Its a systematic problem, that its program, it coaching and training needs to be revamped and reevaluated.

For all its success in developing talented boxers its still not able to provide world class results. The PI has talented boxers, but its boxing staff are outcoached and outtrained by the competition. It does not have the real world experience to adjust to different styles on a real time basis during the fight.

I can see one or two top boxers lose once in a while, but when its best prospects continue to lose again and again, something is wrong with the program.

What is working, what is not working? why doesn't the outfit study the films on its previous loses and fix it on the next fight?

Why doesn't it study the competition and incorporate its styles and training. Why reinvent the wheel. Why don't they copy others, fine tune it, and add it to their program?


The outfit is so obessed with early knockouts and styles. Its brainwashed that offense and early knockouts makes the boxer more popular, more money...etc. What good is style when your opponent is stronger and more skillful than you? What good is style when one cannot compete on a championship level.

Almost everyone is sold on the adage: a good offense is a good defense. But they forget that without a good and effective defense you will never win a world championship. Similarly many people looks down on Mayweather and Guzman's fighting style and yet they are succeessful boxers. who cares if their styles are boring or does not sell. The first objective is defense, how to survive, then practice winning boxing. When you start winning, regardless of style, your on your way to stardom. Not everyone has the talent, skill and heart of Manny; but fighters that has good talent can be trained to be a complete boxer. Its time to open your eyes and incorporate alternative fighting styles that will complement and maximize the individual talent of each boxers.

Mayweather: defense ... re=related

Guzman training:

The training lacks the focus on fundamentals, on how to be a complete boxer on how to survive in the ring. If the the opposition is weak, the early knockouts will work. But if not, the attack should shift to body blows - systematically break down the opponent then go for the knockout.


Boxing defense: ... re=related

Boxing desense, slipping ... re=related ... re=related

Cover and counter: ... re=related ... re=related

Hopkins: defense where is the referee ... re=related

Tapia: body shots ... re=related

Wright: body shots ... re=related

Body shot defense:

The ALA program does not having an answer for dirty boxers. When ever our boxers fight these type they always wilt under pressure, are intimidated and are always the on the receiving end. The opponent knows how to sap the stamina from our boxers by effective clinching and sneaking body shots to the kidney. It uses all types of techniques, legal or illegal that wears down our boxers. The the effect of dirty boxing and body blows legal or illegal when you are in the receiving end is the main reason why our boxers continue to lose energy during the late rounds.

dirty boxing ... re=related

headbutting ... re=related ... re=related

Instead of the program taking the high road advocating sportmanship, why doesn't it teach its boxers on how to fight dirty, so our boxers can return the favor and give them a taste of their own medicine. If somebody craps on you, return the favor 1000 fold, if somebody tries to bully you or intimidate you, make sure you out bully and put the fear of god on them. Don't be a patsy and turn your cheeks on the otherside and take the punishment. Just because your skin is not white enough or dark enough, does not mean you have to take s**t from anyone. But make sure you are skilled enough so that you can deliver these blows when the referee is not looking or refuse to warn or reprimand your opponent.

The program needs to hire an excellent foreign trainer/coach that has experience in training world champions, someone who was a world champion, an a-hole, taskmaster, someone that is mean and nasty, who is unpredictable, hot tempered with a sport fuse that will stand up, be vocal and make a scene when his fighters are being cheated, a screamer, someone that is fearless and knows the fine art of intimidation, someone that knows how to inspire, someone that has backbone who can mold our boxers to be the best and bring out the best in them.

Someone with this personality would be appropriate:

Full metal jacket speech: ... re=related ... re=related

The program does not have an effective counter measures on pressure boxers that are aggressive, that is always in the attack, the grinder who attacks the body and then goes for the knockout. when fighting for a world championship, or when fighting foreign boxers, train in the states. Don't be cheap on real world training. Our boxers need more international experiences not less, how do you expect to become better when your sparmates are Pinoys, unless you fly a plane load of foreign boxers to the gym, your just short changing your training. You either pay now for invaluable
real world training, or waste your money and time in continued heart breaking defeats.

How to fight a classic boxer: ... re=related

How to fight a pressure fighter: ... re=related

How to box on the ropes: ... re=related

How to fight a defensive boxer: ... re=related

And finally, when fighting a latino boxer, don't get a latino referee. No matter what, blood and cultural affiliation is always thicker than water.

Tyson: Daily routines: ... re=related

PostPosted: Fri Aug 08, 2008 12:39 am 

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Is it true what junpals1 said that Pinoy boxers take diuretics before the fight to lose weight?


Are there any proof? Did they take AJ's blood samples after the fight and verified the chemical compound with the the specified drugs?

One takes these drugs to lose weight, but the side effect is it depletes your potassium level, saps your energy and slows down your response time. ... s-low.html

Is this why our boxers have a bad habit of losing their bouts between the middle rounds and late rounds? Is this the main cause of low stamina?

Did they ever find out why AJ had low potassium level?

With its varied top boxing talent, how can ALA's gym top prospects continue to lose, 3 times in a row, its almost unthinkable. There has to be a common denominator. Similar to solving global or mission critical newtwork severity 1 outages that spans national and international boundries with all its 1001 variables, vendors, hardware, software amd human issues, there has to be a reason for outages, problems do not and cannot occur by themselves without any reason.

Does ALA's boxers have to take a blood test and have it analyzed everytime they lose between the middle and late rounds because of stamina to make sure that drugs are not the culprit - or reason
for outage?

Its almost unthinkable that ALA top prospects continues to fail. Its top boxers, have different talent and skills. I can can see one or two fail, but its top boxers failing one after another? immpossible.

There has to be a reason for these loses. Every problem has a solution. By analyzing the process and all the variables, any problem can be solved. Every problem has its own inherent solution.

Isn't this what happens to the fabled East German teams in the 70's and 80's. They were taking performance enhancing drugs for example steriods with or without the atheletes knowledge and permission for the glory to the fatherland. These atheletes broke records and won plenty of medals. They were lied to that these drugs have no negative effects. Its really sad what these atheletes endured, not only did they dedicate their life to their sport, but they paid the ultimate price by and have and their health continues to suffer for the life long effects of these enhancing drugs. Look at what happened to the famous US atheletes that were caught, all their life time sacrifices and sport glories ended in nothing. ... .gdnsport3 ... 008&sc=787

There are good drugs and bad drugs. In general drugs mask the problem temporarily. All drugs has a positive and negative effect in the body. One drug might 'cure' the problem but in reality just mask the symtoms. Then you take drug #2 to cure the the symptom caused by drug #1...and so forth. Now you become a drug addict - thats why the drugs companies are the most pofitably business in the world. Instead of going to the source, verify why the body is sick, practice preventive measures and doing whatever it takes to keep your immune system up naturally, instead of watching what you eat, and how much you eat and exercising to increase your metabolic rate to lose weight naturally the drug companies continues to push their drugs, to keep them sick so they can make plenty of money. Isn't it crazy how many drug commericials are televise, especially during evening news? It makes you think that sickness is a normal and acceptable condition.

People get sick because of low immune system, chemical imbalance, too much toxin in the body and unable to eliminate it, victimization - psychosomatic - self induced problems and unsanitary conditions.

Now here are some food for thought, two opposing views on how cancer is caused and its cure. Its always good to be well informed to know both sides so you can think for yourself on what the right thing to do. ... r/day.html

Your health is priceless. What is the use of all the glory and money in the world, when you are not healthy to enjoy it?

Maybe if you cannot lose the weight naturally or because of lack of planning and self will or if your body has outgrown its present weight, why don't the boxers fight on the next higher division?

Your life is God's gift to you, what you do with your life is your gift to God.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:47 pm 

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Congratulations to Bautista and Nietes on their impressive win. This is what I'm talking Pinoy boxers meeting the challenge, winning and destroying their opponents. So ALA is starting to get
better and is back on the winning track.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 2:36 pm 
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LUSOB wrote:
This is a thread is give you a perspective on how many professional boxers do we have, how many boxers do we have on each weight class, how we match up against selected countries and questions.

Pound for pound the Philippine pro ranks is second to none. Can anyone name any current country whose pro ranks have done more and accomplish so much with so litte?

The Philippines currently have 537 professional boxers out of 14,742 professional boxers worldwide.

------------- Philippines ----- Mexico ----Puerto Rico -----United States

Minimum ranks--- 62 --- 32 --- 3 --- 0 ----- out of 255 boxers worldwide

light flyweight---77--- 74 --- 5--- 0 --- out of 397 boxers wordwide

flyweight ---75 ---97 ---3 --- 10 --- out of 564 boxers worldwide

super flyweight--- 59 --- 73 --- 13 ---13--- out of 479 boxers worldwide

batam weight ---62 ---155 --- 13 --- 26 --- out of 804 boxers worldwide

super batam ---80 ---111--- 13 --- 40 --- out of 831 boxers worldwide

feather weight --- 45 --- 208 --- 19 ---65 --- out of 1060 boxers worldwide

super feather--- 45 --- 175 --- 34 --- 90 --- out of 1023 boxers worldwide

lightweight --- 28 --- 241 --- 27 --- 126 --- out of 1280 boxers worldwide

light welter --- 14 --- 140 --- 31 ---202 --- out of 1195 boxers worldwide

welterweight --- 7 --- 157 --- 25 --- 280 --- out of 1316 boxers worldwide

light middle --- 2 --- 95 --- 17 --- 281 ---out of 1074 boxers worldwide

middleweight --- 1 --- 84 --- 8 --- 212 --- out of 941 boxers worldwide

super middle --- 0 --- 35 --- 8 ---253 --- out of 827 boxers worldwide

light heavy --- 1 --- 27 --- 2 --- 208 --- out of 651 boxers worldwide

cruiser weight---0 ---32 ---7 --- 286 --- out of 851 boxers worldwide

heavy weight ---0 ---32 --- 9 --- 491 --- out of 1144 boxers worldwide


total-------------535 -----1770 ----237 -----2583 ----out of 14,742 boxers worldwide

---------------Philippines-----Mexico -----Puerto Rico ----- United States

selected countries # of boxers:

South Africa ---- 433
Thailand ------ 256
Japan -------- 2055
Indonesia ----- 148

Here's some great video and songs to celebrate Philippine pro boxing continued phenomenal success and complete global domination. Based on these facts, pound for pound, our pro boxing ranks have created an epic success that continues to echo around the world.

Rocky - Gonna fly Now ... re=related


genghiz khan ... re=related

Ain't no stoppin us now (extended ) ... re=related


Philippines: population 92,000,000: What are the reasons for its success in pro boxing?

This post is a respond to a thread that when Manny retires, Philippine boxing will be irrelevant. Will it?

- Since ABAP is a useless program and our olympic program is practically non existent, are they really needed?

- Would it not be better for the government PSC and Philippine Long distance and other corporations if they bought equipment, and supplies donate it to non-profit grass root boxing club through out the country in every province to strengthen the amauter ranks rather than investing in ABAP?

- does a strong Philippine amauter rank make the pro ranks better and stronger?

- How would you continue its success? What would you improve?

- what would you remove?

- How would you increase the number of boxers?

- How would you make boxing's lower ranks popular in the US?

- How would you make boxing more popular in the US? in the world?

- For new boxers when would be the right time for them fight abroad? After 10 wins?

- How many number of amauter fights would you recommend before an amauter turn pro?

- Are our pro ranks lucky or are they good?

- Are there any Fil-Ams in the amatuer ranks striving for the next US olympics boxing team following Brian, Nonito and Glenn's examples?

- Do you see how precious few class A boxers we have and why its important to terminate ABAP's 12 years of gross incompetence, institutionalize losing and failure and replace it today with a better alternative where other organizations can provide us the best world class amatuer atheletes so that we can enjoy continued success in the future?

- After a certain # of wins would you recommend rotating boxers between different trainers to improve their skills?

Mexico: Population: 109,000,000 notice that Mexico almost have 3 times the number of boxers that we have...

What are their reason for success?

They currently have a strong olympic team. Does having a strong olympic program translate to a stronger and better professional rank?

Do they have a ABAP organization that is in charge of selecting representative for their olympic team? Or do they have multiple organizations that compete with each other to select the best amauter atheletes?

Puerto Rico: Population: 7,000,000 how do they continue to be successful in boxing in spite of their small population base?

Thailand: population: 65,000,000 currently a superior olympic boxing program, they have half the number of boxers than we have.

Will they turn their amauter success into professional success and win more belts in the future.

Why does the Philippines have more world champion belts than Thailand in spite of having ABAP a poor, non-existent olypmic boxing program.

Japan: Population: 127,000,000 :Note Japan has 4x the number of boxers that we have. Are they the sleeping giants of boxing in Asia?

The best way to continue to improve is study how other countries run their boxing programs, practice best of class: get the best ideas, customize it, implement it and add it to our programs.

Feel free to update the tables.

See excerpt:

How to rebuild the Philippine olympic team

to know more about: World Champions by Nationality, Filipino World Champions, Weight divisions - weight limits, World Champions by weight class, World title fights to compare us against other countries, Filipino Olympians, Olympic Games Medalist by weight division, World Amateur Champions and Filipino-American Boxers.

nice research!!!


PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:08 am 

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To nyutz17, thanks, heres more info:

Below are the links of active Philippine boxers according to weight class. If you changed the field from Philippines to world, you can see who the top boxers are in their weight class and see
how we stack up.

Currently we have 6 world champions: 4 current world champions: Manny, Gerry, Nonito and Donnie and 2 ex world champions: Brian and Florante. The Philippines have a total of 537 professional boxers.

Mexico has 1,799 fighters, Puerto Rico has 285, USA has 2,490, Japan has 1,883, worldwide there are 14,906 professional boxers.

In 6 months: the Philippines have added 2, Mexico continues to reload and added 29, Puerto Rico has added 29, USA lose 93, Japan lose 172, worldwide there is a gain of 164 boxers.

Minimum weight is where we dominate in terms of numbers: we have 58 boxers out of 262, 22% while Japan has 77 with 29%.

Light flyweight, we have 84 boxers out of 389, 22%; Japan has 100, 26%; Mexico has 74, 19%

Flyweight, we have 74 boxers out of out of 619, 12%; Japan has 196, 32%; Mexico has 108, 17%

Super flyweight, we have 62 boxers out of 524, 12%; Japan has 162, 31%; Mexico has 77, 15%

Batamweight, we 63 boxers out of 835, 8%; Japan has 196, 23%; Mexico has 185, 22%

Super batamweight, we have 63 boxers out of 823, 8%; Japan has 221, 27%; Mexico has 100, 12%

Featherweight, we have 46 boxers out of 1097, 4%; Japan has 162, 15%; Mexico has 199, 18%

Super featherweight, we have 25 boxers out of 1033, 2%; Japan has 241, 23%; Mexico has 185, 18%

Lightweight, we have 32 boxers out of 1297, 2%; Japan has 186 has 14%; Mexico has 244, 19%

Despite losing 1 world champion belt, the Philippines with 537 professional boxers is still P4P the most efficient country that has produces world champions compared with other countries who have more boxers. We make up in quality what other make up in quantity.


If ABAP does not open its doors to competing boxing organizations in producing world class amauter boxers, If ABAP does not do its fair of producing world class A prospect - where olympian boxers have a decision to turn professional and help replenish the professional ranks...If professional ranks goes not improve , step up and recruit more prospects its just a matter of time before the law of large numbers will catch up and Philippine boxing will not be a world player.

Philippines active minimumweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active light flyweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active flyweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active super flyweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active bantamweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active super bantamweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active featherweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active super featherweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active lightweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active light welterweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active welterweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active light middleweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Philippines active light heavyweight ratings ... &SUBMIT=Go

Category:World Champions By Weight Class ... ight_Class

Category:Filipino World Champions ... _Champions

Category:Filipino American Boxers ... can_Boxers

Category:Filipino Olympians ... _Olympians

Category:World Champions By Nationality ... ationality

PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:45 pm 

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Thanx for the valuable awesome read indeed 8)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:21 am 

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Congratulation to Michael Domingo for his win.

Below is a table of how many Philippine professional boxers there are compared to selected countries and world. ... population ... 000_B03001

With a Filipino population of 94.5 million ( 4 million in the US 90.5 million ) in the Philippines we have 539 boxers.

With Puerto Rico population of 6.7 million ( 2.7 million in the US mainland and 3.9 million in the island ), they have 254 boxers.

With Mexican popluation of 134.3 million ( 28.3 million in the US and 106.7 million in Mexico ), they have 1821 boxers.

If the Philippines was a boxing nation like Puerto Rico we should have 3,542 boxers or 6.6 times more than we have now.

If the Philippines was a boxing nation like Mexico we should have 1,281 boxers or 2.4 times more than we have now.

On the minimum weight divisionthe Philippines has 22.3% of the boxers with Japan leading with 28.7%

On the light flyweight division the Philippines has 21.9% of the
boxers with Japan leading with 24.7%

with sheer numbers and experience we should completely own and be the undisputed champions of the world on the minimum and lightweight divisions, every year.

The Philippines currently have 539 professional boxers out of 15,048 worldwide.

---Philippines --- Mexico --- Puerto Rico -- United States---Japan--total

Minimum ranks--- 59 -- 31 -- 2 -- 1 -- 76 -- out of 265 boxers worldwide

light flyweight--86--- 74 -- 8 -- 0 -- 97 - out of 393 boxers worldwide

flyweight -------76 --114 ---6 --10 --196 -- out of 629 boxers worldwide

super flyweight--62 -- 77 - 14 ---13--166--- out of 531 boxers worldwide

batam weight ----58---187-- 14 ---20--191 ---out of 827 boxers worldwide

super batam -----67----97---14--- 50 -221 -- out of 831 boxers worldwide

feather weight --49 - 202-- 21 ---66 -278 - out of 1095 boxers worldwide

super feather--- 25-- 192-- 34 ---88--246 -- out of 1047 boxers worldwide

lightweight --- 31-- 245 --34 ---135 -189 --out of 1297 boxers worldwide

light welter --- 15 --134---34 ---198--126-- out of 1238 boxers worldwide

welterweight --- 7 - 169-- 24 ---272-- 117 - out of 1387 boxers worldwide

light middle --- 1---101---16--- 272-- -41---out of 1111 boxers worldwide

middleweight --- 1 --- 71 ---6 ---196 ---46-- out of 941 boxers worldwide

super middle --- 0 --- 46 ---9----215-----3-- out of 827 boxers worldwide

light heavy --- 1 --- -22 ---3--- 216 ----1-- out of 709 boxers worldwide

cruiser weight---0 ----21----6----239 ----0---out of 813 boxers worldwide

heavy weight ---0 -----38--- 9 ---488-----1-- out of 1107 boxers worldwide


total----539 ---1821---254 --2479 --1995-- out of 15,048 boxers worldwide

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:36 am 

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Congratulations to Willy Lopez on his plans to turn pro on 2009. Is about time we get new blood from the olympic
amauter boxing pool. If only the rest of the boxers will follow his lead.

After years of training, after using the taxpayers money, its only natural that these amauters turn profesional to make money and earn glory for themselves.

Congratulation to Donaire Sr for training Willy in advance. With his proven world class experience and training, there is no question Donaire Sr can produce another world champion boxer(S) for the Philippines.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:34 pm 

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I have agree with Ed de la Vega, DDS on why do boxing organizations send their boxers to the states 4 days or less before their matches. Its totally asinine. Isn't these one of the reasons why ABAP lost the first 3 or 4 matches in pre olympic elimination, AIBA Chicago 2007? They did not enough time to get use to the time zone change, climate and environment. Are these people trying to save money on hotel expenses? Don't they understand that getting the boxers properly prepared and aclimated to succeed in this once in a life OPPORTUNITY is more important.

Las Vegas, NV:- While hanging out late last night at the Mandalay Bay Casino with the rest of the PhilBoxing crew, we saw Franklin Gacal, Pacquiao's lawyer, walked by with two gentlemen. When we were introduced to them, we found out that one was Richie Mepranum, the young WBO Oriental flyweight champion from the stable of Mayor Jojo Lopez of Maasim, Saranggani.

Mepranum and his trainer just flew in from Manila about an hour before we met them.

They were picked up by Gacal at the Las Vegas Airport.

Mepranum will be fighting on the undercard of the Pacquiao –de la Hoya tiff against a Mexican boxer named Cesar “Gallito” Lopez.

The very late arrival of Mepranum should really be a cause for concern.

Why do people in the know about boxing in the Philippines who book fights for our young boxers, more often than not, bring them to the US on the very last minute and put them on a disadvantage?

Have they not heard about the ill-effects of jet-lag?

These boxers are not Superman and no matter how well-trained and healthy they are, if they travel over several time zones, they will have jet-lag.

How in the world can they expect a boxer to give a 100% output if he is jet-lagged?
I wonder are they really concerned at all about the fighters and their well-being?

Arriving just three days before a fight really places the boxer in a pressure situation, particularly if they are fighting in the US for the first time. There are issues like “medical clearance” that are required by the State Boxing Commission.

As it is, Mepranum as a late comer must spent the whole day today getting a medical check-up so a “clearance” can be issued for him to fight. What if he fails the exams and does not get an okay to fight?

Isn’t that just a waste of money and, time let alone a huge let down for the boxer?
Mepranum today, missed the pre-fight conference at the MGM for the boxers on the undercard. That in itself may not be a big deal but for whatever it was worth, it could have been a good time for the Team to visually assess his opponent.

If nothing else, it could have been a huge exposure to the international media who were at the conference. But that did not happen. So on Saturday, if Mepranum gets an okay from the medical doctors, when he climbs the ring, it would be the first time he will set sight on his opponent. That should not have been the case if only his handlers did their job better.

Just thinking, when will they ever learn?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:35 am 

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This it the Philippines best versus the USA's best. Go Manny, good luck, Win, make us Proud.

Francisco Guilledo - best known as Pancho Villa who was 5 ft and 1 inches - was the first greatest Filipino flyweight to win the World Flyweight boxing championship in 1923. Here's a video of Francisco Guilledo beating British champion Jimmy Wilde:

Brian Viloria was the first Filipino to represent the US in the olympics. Manny put Philippine boxing in map. After his victory over Oscar, the world will know how great Filipino boxers are. From here on, its up to our 537 professional boxers to do what it takes to win, manifest their greatness and live up to this high winning standards and continue this incredible boxing legend.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:06 am 
Light Heavyweight

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LUSOB wrote:
This is a thread is give you a perspective on how many professional boxers do we have, how many boxers do we have on each weight class, how we match up against selected countries and questions.

Pound for pound the Philippine pro ranks is second to none. Can anyone name any current country whose pro ranks have done more and accomplish so much with so litte?

(i cut most of your original post--it was to long)

how can you possibly say what i highlighted if the majority of this thread is asking how can philippine boxing be elevated to the levels of mexico, puerto rico and the u.s.? actually quite frankly, the philippine pro ranks does not have much depth in the world class level.

and to answer your question up above, try looking at puerto rico... just look at their numbers...

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:27 am 

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To against the grain:

With a Filipino population of 94.5 million ( 4 million in the US 90.5 million ) in the Philippines we have 539 boxers.

With Puerto Rico population of 6.7 million ( 2.7 million in the US mainland and 3.9 million in the island ), they have 254 boxers.

With Mexican popluation of 134.3 million ( 28.3 million in the US and 106.7 million in Mexico ), they have 1821 boxers.

If the Philippines was a boxing nation like Puerto Rico we should have 3,542 boxers or 6.6 times more than we have now.

If the Philippines was a boxing nation like Mexico we should have 1,281 boxers or 2.4 times more than we have now.

You have point. The Philippines is not playing with even a full stack of cards. Its pro rank is very small compared to Mexico and Puerto Rico's popolation base. The only two reason why Mexico wins 2 fights for every lose to the Philippines is numbers and better training.

If everything was equal, if the Philippines had 1078 boxers, the record between Mexico would be even. If the Philippines would have 1,617 boxers or the same as amount as Mexico, 1821, Philippines win ratio would 3 - 2 or even 2 - 1.

As you can see Philippine boxing has been losing lately, Pacland and its members have already shaken ABAP to rebuild their program. Now it has its eyes on ALA and other the boxing stables to improve and rebuild their program to world class level. The only missing parts is the will and urgency to improve and do what it takes to be successful and win.

with Manny's win over Oscar as an inspiration and the motivation to have an opportunity to make $2,000,000 if you are a great world class boxer in the lower ranks there is no question the motivation for success is there. The only question is how bad do our professional boxers, their stables and our nation want it?


PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 7:55 am 

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Someone has to stop this losing streak. Who else besides Manny that stop this losing streak. With his victory today, he is blazing a trail in the boxing where no Pinoy has gone. He is setting a bench mark for others to follow and surpass. This is just the first stage of the great Philippine boxing era to come.

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Not to be overlooked, but congratlations to Richie on his US debut last week. He was the one closer, he stopped the Pinoy losing streak. Now we have a 6 match winning streak: Richie Mepranum, Manny Paquiao, Roberto Lerio; Australia, Brian Viloria, Glen Gonzales and now Harry Tanamor - just incredible!

Ritchies video:

Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for beating the odds, making great history and beating Oscar Dela Hoya


From Australia, congratulations to: Roberto Lerio, the 22 year old Filipino who is now based in Australia, has won the vacant Australian super bantamweight title with a sixth round technical decision over Mark Quon in Melbourne.

Roberto Lerio

Congratulations to Brian Viloria for his on going victory.


Congratulations to Glenn 'Rapid Fire' Gonzales (8-0-1 4KOs) of the Braveheart Boxing Club of North Cotabato Vice-Governor Manny Pinol on your victory!

Brian and Glenn

Congratulations to Harry Tanamor on your victory and finally winning a gold. Thank you for your dedication and victories! Even though Harry is stiil an amauter, there is no question he fights and wins like a professional.

On Manny's great win - another prediction correct.

Manny's victory has reignited Philippine boxing. As Philippine Boxing reincarnated - his has inspired our Pinoy boxers that the impossible is do able, that greatness can be manifested. Our people have now witnessed with their own eyes that Philippines best can compete and beat America's best, can be world class and beat the world's best. There is now an urgency to be the best, to upgrade our training and attitude, to do what ever it takes to win, to change our collective mental mind set that any Pinoy can achieve greatness, that we will not be denied what is rightfully ours, what is do able and within our grasp that success, greatness and victory can be achieved.

At this moment right now, the Philippines is center of boxing world universe. This is just the begining, the nation has awaken, the national consiouness has been inspired, this is what Manny has provided: the Pacquiao epoch has now began.

The eyes of the world are upon us, go forth my fearless, powerful Pinoy warriors, do battle, win, bring forth victory and glory for yourself, the nation and the people. Make us proud. Today is yours, today is your time to shine, today your turn to MANIFEST YOUR GREATNESS.

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