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Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:01 am ]
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News thread para sa mga weird, shock, eww, lol, and what?! news..


Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:02 am ]
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2 men arrested for performing lewd acts inside mall elevator
By: Jhoanna Ballaran - Reporter / / 03:57 PM October 21, 2017


Two men were arrested on Friday after being caught performing lewd acts inside an elevator of a Quezon City mall, a police officer said Saturday.

Senior Police Officer 1 Marlon Rivera, desk officer of Quezon City Police Station 7 in Cubao, said the men, aged 54 and 27, boarded the elevator at 11:50 a.m. while shopping at the Gateway Mall.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, the two stopped the elevator and held it for several minutes.

“Ayon sa imbestigasyon, namonitor po ng (guard) na pumasok po yung dalawa sa elevator at nung nasa loob nga po sila, nakita ng guwardiya na may ginagawa silang hindi maganda,” Rivera told the

(According to investigation, the guard saw the men boarded the elevator and while inside they were seen doing unpleasant acts.)

The two reportedly performed oral sex, which was monitored and recorded by a closed circuit television (CCTV), Rivera said.

Security guard Agnes Ortiz, who was in charge monitoring the CCTV, saw the indecent acts and immediately reported it to the mall’s security team and the police.

The men, an instructor and a cook, were later detained at the police station and underwent inquest proceedings Friday night.

They are now facing grave scandal charges in violation of Article 200 of the Revised Penal Code.

The two remain in detention as of posting time. /jpv ... rest-metro

Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:07 am ]
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A Japanese designer wants to make thong jeans happen

Lauren SharkeyYahoo Style UK19 October 2017

ImageThong jeans could be next summer’s wardrobe staple [Photo: Splash News]

Weird denim has been a real trend this year. From detachable styles to bum-baring designs, jeans have faced a whole lot of cutting in 2017.

But one Japanese brand is taking the bizarre denim look into 2018. Showcasing its SS18 collection at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, Thibaut sent a model down the catwalk wearing thong jeans. Or at least that’s what we’re calling

“What are thong jeans?” we hear you ask. Well, they are apparently jeans that have been so distressed that not much is left except for a thong at the back. ... 03221.html

Author:  ceramic [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:40 pm ]
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PBA board expresses concern as Kia set to trade No. 1 pick to SMB
By Rey Joble, InterAksyon | October 21, 2017, 1:25 PM ... ck-to-smb/

pag nangyari to at pinaboran ni kumisyoner Narvasa bye bye Gilas na for Christian Standhardinger. Wala na talagang parity sa PBA, ung malalakas na teams lalo pang nagpapalakas. Ung mahihinang teams sunod sunuran na lang sa malalakas na teams. :shock:

Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:15 pm ]
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Elephant struck by lightning meets a gruesome end

South Africa has been hit by some unusually violent weather of late. Recent storms surged through the country claiming at least 16 lives and leaving in their wake a trail of flooded homes and damaged infrastructure. But while Durban residents battled the deluge, further north, in the Kruger National Park, the stormy weather proved fatal for one of the reserve’s tusked inhabitants.

The carcass of the elephant quickly attracted a crowd. Image: Lowvelder

Tourists out on a morning game drive earlier this month were met with the grim sight of a mutilated elephant carcass lumped in the middle of the road near Satara rest camp. While many speculated that the animal had been killed by poachers, evidence suggested otherwise. "It is suspected that the animal was hit by lighting," Reynold Thakuli, general manager for media, public relations and stakeholder relations of South African National Parks (SANParks) told us via email. "On inspection nothing more was picked up suggesting another cause of death. This follows a violent storm the previous night."

Wildlife officials were quick to arrive on the scene and the massive carcass was hoisted onto a truck and hauled away for further investigation. "The tusks were removed, registered and stored according to the SANParks Standard Operating Procedure," explained Thakhuli.

While investigations were being carried out, the lively online community of Kruger regulars were left to speculate about the animal's untimely demise. Some were unconvinced that the elephant's wounds could have been inflicted by lightning, arguing that it must have been "lying with its belly up in the air" to sustain such severe stomach lacerations. Others were quick to point out that lightning strikes, much like gunshots, often have both entrance and exit wounds and can also result in ruptured organs.

The other big talking point centred around the absence of scavengers. The Kruger Park is home to a diversity of carnivores from big cats to raptors. So why were none of the park's predators tucking into the elephant buffet? One plausible explanation is that they had not yet discovered it. The inclement weather that ended the elephant's life would also have forced predators to seek shelter, and it's possible that eager tourists stumbled across the grisly remains before the scavengers did.

As the largest land mammals in the world, elephants have a hard time when it comes to dodging Mother Nature’s electric wrath, and lightning does on occasion claim the life of an unfortunate pachyderm. One of the more well-known cases on record is that of an Illinois circus elephant nicknamed Norma Jean who was struck down in 1972 (visitors to the Midwest state can pay their respects to Normal Jean at her grave site in the Oquawka town square where she met her premature end). According to records, Norma Jean's trainer – who was nearby at the time – was knocked back 30 feet by the lightning blast.

Perhaps even more shocking are instances where entire herds are wiped out in single catastrophic lightning strikes. Such was the case in August last year when an electric storm in Norway killed 323 reindeer, including 70 calves. This sort of "electrification en masse" is not entirely uncommon as gregarious animals tend to congregate under trees for shelter during big storms.

However, not all animals that have come into contact with lightning have suffered a cruel fate. Back in 2013, a bison grazing on the grassy plains of Iowa's Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge was struck by lightning and lived to graze another day. Nicknamed Sparky (for obvious reasons), the resilient buffalo moves a little slower than his un-electrified kin courtesy of an exit wound on his back left leg. Despite the circumstances though, Sparky is doing just fine and even managed to bag himself a mate. ... esome-end/

Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:18 pm ]
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A drug 10,000 times deadlier than heroin that has killed 15 in one city in Britain and 64,000 in the US: IAN BIRRELL on why we should take notice of the new fentanyl epidemic

PUBLISHED: 00:05 BST, 22 October 2017 | UPDATED: 01:14 BST, 22 October 2017

Shortly after lunchtime, as drizzle fell outside at the start of a week without work, Paddy Colby told his father that he was going to watch television in his bedroom. He trudged upstairs, closed the door and killed himself.

The cheerful handyman and stepfather did not mean to die. Once in his bedroom, he took out a ‘wrap’ of heroin he had bought – a drug which sells on the streets of Hull for £10. Then he put the powder in citric acid, heated it up and injected it into his body.

After years of addiction, Colby, 39, might have noticed the drug was more soluble than usual and the liquid had a strange reddish hue.

But it hit him so fast that when his stepmother found his body three hours later, the syringe was still in his hand.

Flashback of the living dead: Ian Birrell's report in August about the effects of the opioids in Ohio. Above, an officer syringes Narcan – a drug that counters opioids – into the slumped woman’s nose

For the ‘wrap’ he bought was not just heroin. It had been mixed with two lethal man-made opioids – fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times more potent than morphine; and carfentanyl, an elephant tranquilliser 10,000 times stronger than street heroin.

These are the synthetic drugs carving such a deadly course across the United States, an epidemic that left 64,000 people dead last year, including rock star Prince. This year’s death toll may double.

Now the drugs have arrived in Britain – and a spate of sudden deaths in Hull, the worst incident in the UK so far, shows their devastating impact. Just a few grains of carfentanyl – 0.00002g – can be fatal.

Colby was one of at least 15 people – and possibly more than 20 – killed in Hull and the surrounding area in just a few weeks.

Their lives ended after heroin was mixed with the synthetic opioids, which are made in laboratories abroad, bought on the internet and sold at vast profit. In another case, six people were killed on one side of a street in Stockton, Teesside, earlier this year.

These lethal drugs have begun cropping up across the country – first found in Blyth, Northumberland, then suspected in deaths and drug busts from Leeds to London, St Albans to Southampton, Wakefield to Winchester, and Wales to Northern Ireland.

Lethal injection: Heroin mixed with powerful synthetic painkillers is thought to be responsible for a spate of sudden deaths. (Picture posed by model)

This feels eerily familiar to me after reporting two months ago from the front line of the US drug crisis in Ohio – not least since there are signs Britain is seeing the same overuse of prescription opioids.

As the Hull inquests unfold, exposing sad stories of lives wrecked by addiction, events in this proud fishing community should serve as a wake-up call to complacent authorities.

‘These new drugs are the very dangerous tip of an iceberg,’ said Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kirby, of Humberside Police, who admitted he knew little about the problem before it hit his patch. ‘The country needs to be alert.’

The first local warning sign came last September in Goole, when a man released from prison died unusually quickly after injecting drugs. Fatal heroin overdoses usually take several hours, death coming from respiratory failure.

Early this year there was talk of super-strength heroin on the streets – then came 31 drug-linked deaths in Hull and East Yorkshire by the end of May. Tests confirmed synthetic opioids in 15 bodies, most with a cocktail of carfentanyl and fentanyl.

‘It was shocking to see so many people suddenly dying,’ said one key local source, adding that two corpses had deteriorated too much for testing by the time they were discovered.

‘Probably another four to six of the dead had used the new drugs.’

Last week came the latest in Hull’s series of inquests. Steven Farniss, a 34-year-old with mental health problems, was found dead in a snicket surrounded by drug paraphernalia. His body contained traces of heroin, fentanyl and carfentanyl.

The arrival of these highly toxic substances is especially alarming for Britain since it has the highest proportion of heroin users in Europe and already accounts for almost one third of the entire continent’s overdose deaths.

The UK is also the biggest host of fentanyl sales on the secret ‘darknet’ in Europe, with 1,000 trades made in the last few months alone, according to the Oxford Internet Institute.

Experts say the drug is increasingly appearing for sale online. Two men were jailed last month for importing and selling the drug online in the first such British case.

Profits can be huge – with thousandfold mark-ups of fentanyl bought from China – while it is easy to hide, given the minuscule quantities needed.

‘You can get enough of some of these drugs in a single envelope to supply millions,’ said Steve Rolles, senior policy analyst at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation. ‘Why smuggle ten kilograms of heroin when you can bring in a matchbox of carfentanyl?’

Such is its potency, US dealers have died from toxic inhalation while cutting supplies. While I was in Ohio, three hospital nurses needed rapid treatment after losing consciousness while treating an overdose patient.

Colby’s tale is tragic but typical. He began using drugs as a young man, part funded by £20,000 compensation from injuring his leg on a fairground ride, and claimed the fatal dose was ‘one last hit’.

He tried to defeat his demons – seeking treatment, taking a heroin substitute and spending four months in rehab at the end of last year before returning to live with his family. The inquest heard there was just a single needle mark on his corpse.

‘In my eyes he has been murdered,’ said his stepmother June Colby. ‘Yes, he has gone out and paid for heroin but he hasn’t paid for this.

‘Those who sold it to him must have known what was in it and they must have known what it could do. What hurts us all is that Paddy had just come from rehab.

‘We were told his body was really healthy and clean, which is why this stuff killed him so quickly.’

Colby’s best friend, Phil Hutchinson, 37, said: ‘He was a great bloke and a fantastic dad and uncle. He would always be doing stuff with the kids. He was nothing like the stereotype of an addict – he’d never burgle anyone’s home.’

But such is the cruel grip of addiction that in the centre of the UK’s 2017 City of Culture, I found Colby’s cousin Danny Colby, 37, who survived a fentanyl overdose but still used heroin. He first took the drug aged 12 when given it by a relative who was dealing.

He told me he bought ‘a bag and a half’ a couple of months ago.

‘I remember taking it with my girlfriend but not falling to the floor. I don’t even remember the buzz. But when I woke five hours later my girlfriend looked like she was dead.’

This affable man admitted the couple were lucky to survive, unlike several friends who died among the carnage earlier this year. ‘I may be an addict but I don’t want to use that again – it’s scary and very bad stuff.’

Others were more phlegmatic. Mark Stephenson, 45, another long-term user, pointed out to me the busy shopping street where he collapsed after taking the adulterated heroin. ‘Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance.’

Yet he said he would take fentanyl again. ‘I don’t care about my life – look at it,’ he said as we sat on blankets below an iconic Hull mosaic on a shuttered shopfront. ‘I don’t want to die but if I do I’m not bothered.’

Not all victims are homeless human wrecks. Britain’s death toll from fentanyl includes an Army captain secretly using cocaine and heroin to handle stress.

And a family in Kent will today scatter the ashes of an 18-year-old skateboarder who died being given a free sample of fentanyl when buying cannabis – a chilling echo of tactics used by US dealers to snare fresh customers.

In August, the National Crime Agency urged families to be vigilant after 60 fentanyl-linked deaths. That figure has now risen to 88 – but these drugs are difficult to detect in blood while forensic tests do not routinely search for them in post-mortems.

In East Yorkshire, a recent audit of just one GP practice in a struggling coastal town found 1,223 people on long-term use of opiates out of 14,000 patients

There are also dozens of different synthetic opioids, making tracking them even tougher. ‘People don’t know what to look for and that’s what is so terrifying,’ said Vicky Harris, a Humberside public health official.

Alarmingly, Britain has also witnessed a sharp rise in prescription opioids. This lay behind the US epidemic – people who became hooked after seeking medical help then turned to street dealers when supplies were stopped or prices rose. Over the past decade, the number of prescriptions issued for opioids has doubled nationally.

In East Yorkshire, a recent audit of just one GP practice in a struggling coastal town found 1,223 people on long-term use of opiates out of 14,000 patients.

To put that in perspective, there are more than 9,000 GP practices in the UK, while the whole of East Yorkshire has about 600 people known to be dependent on drugs.

‘We are creating an opiate-dependent population,’ said Tony Margetts, substance misuse manager for East Riding of Yorkshire Council. ‘It looks to me like a slow-motion catastrophe.’

He said many patients in the audit were middle-aged, moving from industrial areas. ‘Opium feeds on unhappiness and there are lots of older, unhappy people who start taking drugs for pain but enjoy the feeling of calm.’

The arrival of potent synthetic opioids will also intensify debate over how to stop drug use.

Among those I met on Hull’s damp streets was Joe Hood, 44, from Newcastle, who started using drugs in his late 20s after the death of his eight-year-old son from leukaemia.

Hood is another shaken survivor of fentanyl. ‘I remember pushing in the pin [needle] and waking up seven hours later with it still in my arm. I hope I never take it again – but when you go to a dealer you don’t know what you’re getting.’

Hood was in a cemetery when he injected himself. He was fortunate to wake up. Many others will not be so lucky.

Additional reporting: Ross Slater ... -city.html

Author:  tiyanak2 [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:26 pm ]
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WHAT AN ANIMAL Girlfriend dumps her man after he is spotted by CCTV security camera having sex……with a horse

By Chloe Kerr
21st October 2017, 9:07 pmUpdated: 21st October 2017, 9:07 pm

A RUSSIAN woman has dumped her sick boyfriend are he was spotted on CCTV having sex with A HORSE.

The man was caught on camera apparently mounting the unsuspecting animal, which was trapped between two fences in a field beside the stables.

After the sick act he realised he had been spied on by a CCTV camera fixed on a hay barn.

Police say he then used a stick to try and dislodge the camera, but fearing the worst he set fire to the hay hoping to destroy all the evidence.

It is thought his plan backfired after police were called in to investigate the suspected arson.

They immediately checked the CCTV cameras and found footage of him apparently having sex with a horse.

Local media reported: "What they saw shocked them beyond words - a young man who was shown setting the hay on fire did so right after having sex with one of mares.

"Whatever got into his head is still not clear.

"He has a girlfriend - or rather he did have a girlfriend."

He was detained on suspicion of arson but could also face a charge of abusing the horse.

Pending the court case he was released - to face his girlfriend.

She was unnamed but reported to be "inconsolable, furious and humiliated".

Social media users were shocked by the footage.

One called "Vorchu" said: "It is a shame that the horse did not hit kick him between his legs after what he had done to it."

Another said: "He should be castrated.

"This is rape of the horse. He must be punished."

Another said: "This girlfriend must be deep in thoughts now.". ... ssia-cctv/

Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:49 pm ]
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A zoo keeper was killed this morning in the alligator enclosure of the Naples Zoo, while he was attempting to sexually assault a 12 foot long reptile.

According to Captain Henri White, spokesman of the Naples Police Department, 24-year old Jimmy Olsen was engaged in full sexual intercourse with one of the younger reptiles, when he was surprised by one of the larger animals which attacked from behind.

The young man was caught by the throat by the alligator, who dragged him underwater and drowned him.

Jimmy Olsen’s death took place around 6:00 AM this morning, but his disappearance was noticed only an hour later by other employees. They finally discovered his dismembered body floating in the pool of the alligator enclosure around 8:30.

“The images captured by the security cameras show that Mr Olsen had clearly placed himself in a very vulnerable position,” Captain White told reporters. “He had his pants around his knees and was lying down on top of one the animals, with his back to the others. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance! We can see him being dragged in the water, then he disappears from sight. He was probably dead within thirty seconds of the attack.”

Jimmy Olsen had been working with the reptiles at Naples Zoo for the last two years, and was considered a reptile specialist. He was killed, by a 24-foot long male alligator named Brutus while he was engaged in sexual intercourse with one of the smaller specimens.
Although Mr. Olsen’s is the first zoo worker to die while having sexual intercourse with an animal, he is not the first one to be implicated in an incident implicating bestiality.

In 2002, three employees of the Columbus zoo were condemned, after it was revealed that the zookeepers allowed people into the zoo after business hours for the purpose of copulating with the animals. ... alligator/

:shock: :shock:

Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:54 pm ]
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FBI agents made an astonishing discovery this morning while executing a search warrant at the residence of a Houston mortician: 3,178 embalmed human penises.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation suspected 54-year old Dave Murray, an employee of the Harris County Morgue, of being implicated in an organ trafficking network.

Investigating several reports of missing organs and body parts, dozens of agents raided his residence this morning, hoping to find evidence of his involvement in the crimes.

What they found on the site was a lot more disturbing than what they expected, as the FBI spokesman Andy Ramirez described the scene in an interview with WNTV-4.

“There were shelves everywhere, filled with hundreds of glass jars. Each of them contained a ***** floating in formalin.”

According to Agent Ramirez, the accused rapidly confessed everything as soon as he was arrested.

“He explained in great detail, how he had been cutting off dead men’s genital organs and collecting them for more than ten years.”

It took the FBI more than seven hours to gather all the organs and other pieces of evidence that were found on the site.

An anonymous FBI source told WNTV-4 that the number of charges could reach over 3,000.

Dave Murray will remain in custody for the moment as a psychiatric evaluation has been ordered to determine if he’s fit to stand a trial.

If he is considered fit, he should appear in court in October for the beginning of the procedures. ... yees-home/

:shock: :shock:

Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:58 pm ]
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A 17-year old boy from Missouri has launched a civil lawsuit against his parents for naming him Gaylord as a child, a name which allegedly caused him to suffer from a lot of mockeries and even serious bullying.

Gaylord Williams from the small city of Kirksville in Missouri is suing his parents, Dave and Carol Williams, for “deliberately making his life miserable” by giving him “an outdated and prejudicial first name”.

In his allocution presented this morning in front of the Adair County Circuit Court, the teenage boy claims he was an undesired child and that his parents deliberately gave him that first name to make him “a designated scapegoat”.

“They told me several times that I was an accident and that I had ruined their life. When he was drunk, my father even admitted that they had named me like that in order to ruin my life like I had ruined theirs.”

He claims his parent’s ill-intentioned plan has worked, and that he has to endure constant mockeries and bullying because of his name.

The young man has even been physically assaulted on several occasions and has even been hospitalized twice.

He says he’s tried to get a name change in the past and asked his parents for their permission on several occasions, but they declined every time.

“My life is miserable! I can’t wait until I turn 18 and I get the right to change my name without my parents’ consent!”

He finally decided to file a lawsuit against his parents in order to obtain a financial compensation for the suffering that they deliberately caused him.

His parents vehemently deny his allegations and claim that they simply named him Gaylord because they liked that name.

Every year, a few dozen young Americans launch civil lawsuits against their biological parents for various reasons.

Many of these cases are cases designed as “wrongful birth lawsuits” and are often instituted by children with predictable birth defects.

According to official records, this is the first time that American parents are being sued because of the name they gave their child.

The actual hearings, in this case, are expected to begin in October. ... m-gaylord/


Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:07 pm ]
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Nashville, TN | An 87-year-old former postman has been proven to have fathered over 1,300 illegitimate children after a private investigator hired by a Tennessee family discovered the shocking truth.

The investigation that has gathered thousands of DNA samples and testimonies over a 15-year period ultimately proves the man is the father to literally thousands of illegitimate children in the region.

“Contraception wasn’t very popular in those days“ he told local reporters in his defence.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. The 60s were the good old days and I did a great Johnny Cash impression which played out real good with the ladies,” he explained.

“Some even thought I was Johnny Cash for real,” he recalls laughingly. “I don’t know if they really believed it or if they were trying to convince themselves, but who was I to say no to a quickie?” he acknowledged.

Unraveling the truth

Private investigator Sid Roy could never have imagined a simple gig would end up in a 15-year quest for the truth.

“It all started in 2001 when two different men that had nothing to do with each other hired me to find their biological father. I was astounded after further investigation to realize they both originated from the same person” he explained.

“That is when the mystery started unraveling and it became a personal mission of mine, whenever I had some free time, I’d try and track down other testimonies.”

“Eventually, DNA testing became really cheap and easy to use and helped me gather a lot of information in the latest years,” he acknowledged.

No lawsuit in sight

The private investigator says the children of the old man don’t intend to pursue any lawsuit against the old man.

“Most people who are aware of the truth don’t want this information to get out and have given anonymous testimonies,” he explains.

“The truth unleashed could break up hundreds or more families and that’s definitely not the point of all these years of research. All I know is that most people are glad to know the truth and don’t bear any grudge against the old man, I guess it was a more common practice in those days,” he acknowledges.

Although DNA testing and testimonies point out to over 1,300 illegitimate children fathered by the retired postman, Sid Roy believes there could be much more.

“I’ve spent 15 years of my own personal time into this, I think it’s enough,” he admits.

“But my research clearly shows there could be many more children,” he told local reporters, although he declined to comment if the numbers were in the hundreds or thousands more. ... -children/


Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:12 pm ]
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Tallahassee, FL | 16 young teenage girls between the age of 13 and 17 years of age have become pregnant after a pool party went terribly wrong, reports the Tallahassee Herald this morning.

A simple weekend pool party turned to tragedy when one of the young men attending the birthday celebration ejaculated in the pool without warning the house guests, accidentally ending up impregnating half of the girls present at the celebration.

“I’m glad I didn’t have my swimsuit that day,” remembers Daliah Jennings, present during the celebration.

“It was a surprise party to celebrate my 15th birthday, let’s just say that a baby in my womb is the kind of present I’m glad I didn’t get” she acknowledges, visibly relieved of not getting pregnant.

“Nothing like an orgy”

The young man claims there was no sex at the party at all and that he only ejaculated in the pool by accident.

“Some people in town say we had some kind of wild sex orgy going on and that’s how I got all those girls pregnant, but I’m proud to say that I am still a virgin and that if anyone doesn’t believe me, I’m ready to undergo medical examination to prove it if that’s what it takes,” says the 15 year old. “I’ve become some sort of a local celebrity.

“People come up to me all the time and shake my hand and congratulate me, but I didn’t do anything!” he adds, visibly sincere.

“Highly” potent sperm

Dr. John Suzukima of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital, who was the first to link the multiple births to a single cause, believes the young man has a rare medical condition called spermafortis which makes his semen unusually potent.

“Clinical tests have proven that people who suffer from spermafortis have sperm counts close to a thousand times more potent and rich in spermatozoids than the average man,” he explains. “This kind of semen is fairly similar to that of common water mammals, such as dolphins, manatees and seals and has properties that make it incredibly resistant to water. This condition could definitely explain what happened in this case but clinical trials and further tests would be needed to prove this theory,” he told local reporters.

Most of the 16 girls are scheduled to undergo an abortion although two of the impregnated girls’ families have reportedly admitted that they have decided to bring the birth to term being devout Christians. ... s-in-pool/

:shock: :biglaugh:

Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:15 pm ]
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Boston, MA | Three members of the so-called Irish mob midgets, a Boston-based criminal organization composed of people of short stature, have been arrested this morning reports the Boston Chronicle.

Security camera footage show the three suspects during a home break-in in which the intruders entered the house through the pet door.

Authorities also believe the crime organization could be behind 55 other similar break-ins in the region.

” They found a criminal use to their small-sized bodies and used them to break-in through chimneys, pet doors and small open windows ”

– Officer Ken Stevens, Boston PD

Although the Irish mob midgets officially describe themselves as a “non-profit motorcycle enthusiast group for small people of the Boston area”, several high-profile members of the organization have been arrested in the past years on charges of drug-trafficking, arson and aggravated assault. ... break-ins/

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Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:18 pm ]
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Tampa Bay, FL | A 23-year-old man has been arrested this morning at Tampa Bay’s Busch Gardens after he allegedly proceeded to sexually assault a pink flamingo in front of horrified bystanders.

Shocked witnesses saw Eduardo Jose Raphael Sanchez, 23, drop down his pants and jump into the flamingo pen before capturing Skittles, an 8-year-old male flamingo, and attempting to perform anal sex on the poor animal.

“My 4-year-old pulled on my shirt pointing to the man saying: Mommy! Mommy! Look at that man, he’s riding the flamingo!” reported one eyewitness.

“Kids started crying all over the place, there must’ve been at least 40 people watching the scene,” one woman told reporters.

“The guy then screamed out like he had just had an orgasm and then just threw the bird on the side and put his pants back on like it was totally normal, like he had done this every single day of his life,” said another.

Traumatized eyewitness Tatiana Salvadore told reporters her 4-year-old daughter thought the offender was “riding the flamingo.”

Internal bleeding

Although the offender was rapidly apprehended by Busch Garden security agents, the damage to the animal had already been done as it died of internal bleeding hours later.

“The hemorrhaging was impossible to stop. The animal could not withstand such a large object tearing up its anal cavity,” Busch Garden veterinarian Allan Thompson explained.

“Flamingos have extremely small genitals and sodomy is not known to be part of their sexual habits,” he told reporters.

“Skittles could just not sustain such intense physical abuse,” he added, visibly angered by the whole affair.

Although sexual assaults by humans on pink flamingos are basically unheard of in the United States, a 2014 World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) study found that the practice was still fairly common in certain regions of Mexico and other Latin American countries where cultural belief still holds that sex with a pink flamingo may bring luck and prosperity. ... -to-death/

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Author:  IceColdBeer [ Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:21 pm ]
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Atmore, Alabama | When the prison staff asked 33-year Jeremy Morris if he wanted anything special for his last meal, he answered “I just want a Bible”.

The prison guards of the William C. Holman Correctional Facility thought he wanted to pray and repent, so they gave him an old copy of the King James Bible.

Against all expectations, the condemned murderer began tearing up the holy book and eating it.

It took hours of chewing and swallowing small pieces of paper, but Mr Morris ate the totality of the 1200-page book, including the cover.

Walter Henri, the prison guard who handed him the old and worn out Bible, says the inmate seemed to “savor every bite”.

“He kept tearing pieces from his Bible and eating them like they were potato chips!”

Holman Prison director, Frank Davis, says the staff decided to let the prisoner eat the Bible because it didn’t violate the establishment’s “last meal policy”.

Director Davis says the guards were surprised to see Mr Morris ingest the Bible, but did not feel the need to intervene.
In most states and various countries where the death penalty is legal, it’s customary to give sentenced prisoners a special last meal at their request.

Restrictions do apply, concerning mostly the legality, the accessibility and value of the meal.

Despite its unusual nature, Mr Morris’ choice of meal was “locally accessible and worth less than 40$”, making it conform to the rules of Alabama correctional facilities.

Jeremy Morris is expected to be executed tomorrow for the killing of two Catholic nuns in 2007. ... last-meal/

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