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Veteran Boxing Manager and Promoter Aljoe Jaro who used to manage Sonny Boy Jaro and Bernabe Concepcion emailed this writer an enumeration of his deals gone bad with Manny Pacquiao’s adviser and friend Canadian Michael Koncz. Jaro wrote a very explicit narrative of how Koncz allegedly stole his treasured boxers who were at the verge of getting world title bouts. Below are excerpts from the email which this author translated from Cebuano to English.

“ In 2006, Koncz first came to sweet talk me about his interest of co-managing Bernabe Concepcion. I never paid attention to him since I knew I didn’t need anybody to co-manage my boxer. Besides I don’t know the guy. My original plan was to get my good friend Wakee Salud as my co-manager. I still remember that it was Wakee who introduced Koncz to Pacquiao. Wakee Salud convinced me to accept the proposal of Koncz and vouched for the credibility of the Canadian matchmaker. I was told that the guy had many connections in the international boxing circuit and could land my boxer more fights in the US. Thus, thinking about Concepcion’s future, I took Koncz in as co-manager. Koncz told us to sign a contract which he said was a mere scrap of paper since it would still be me and Wakee who shall act as real managers of Bernabe. In good faith and out of my trust to Salud, I signed the contract. Later on, Wakee was put out of the picture. Almost all of the decisions were coming from Koncz. Until such time that Koncz told me that Wakee had nothing to do with our boxer anymore.”

Bernabe Concepcion and Aljoe Jaro

“The fights in America started coming in. Our agreement was that he will take care of our expenses when in America since we took care of everything whenever he was in the Philippines. But when we got to the US, it was me who spent for everything during our first two weeks of stay. He promised to reimburse my expenses but nothing was paid until this day. He only gave us our meager allowance three days before each fight. I learned that he pocketed the allowances intended for us from the promoters. We argued several times because he was imposing himself too much on Abe and acted as if he had the last say on anything that has something to do with Concepcion. What was worse was that he did everything to poison the mind of Abe and made it appear that it was me who was the root of all the problems.”

“Another bad experience we had was when Abe fought in Mexico thrice. What I knew was that no taxes were deducted from the boxer’s purse outside America. To our dismay, he deducted 30% from the boxer’s purse on top of his cut. It happened during the three fights of Concepcion in Mexico. To make things worse, Koncz started to call Concepcion directly bypassing me in terms of fight offers and other business deals. The worst part was when he instructed Abe to leave for America and gave him his plane ticket without my knowledge”

“During the Concepcion versus Santiago fight, I spent my own money for the plane tickets, hotel and food and practically for everything in Las Vegas. I was still Concepcion’s manager but I went there like an ordinary boxing fan who wanted to watch the fight, nothing more nothing less. He further disclosed that the purse for the fight was only $10,000.00, he took a clean 20% of the gross amount, gave me 10% share as a manager and charged to me and Abe the cost of the taxes. I complained that he was not honoring our contract but he arrogantly told me that my contract with Concepcion had no bearing in the US and that there’s nothing I can do about it. I asked for the help of the Games and Amusement board under then chairman Eric Buhain to settle our contract dispute beforehand but they were not able to do anything.”

“Bernabe Concepcion was not the only boxer whom this thief and traitor Michael Koncz stole from me. Sonny Boy Jaro was another victim of this burglar. During that time, I have already negotiated a match for Sonny Boy against WBA 108 Champ Giovanni Segura. Jaro already held an RP Championship Belt and an OPBF Belt. I was also able to match him with Edgar Sosa. Sonny Boy never had any contract with me since our relationship was built on pure trust. I told Koncz that I will personally introduce Jaro to him when he gets to Manila. Without my knowledge, Koncz was able to get the mobile number of Sonny Boy and directly called him regarding fight offers and a lot more just to sign up with him as his manager. Again, my boxer got poisoned by the smooth talks of Koncz. What happened was a total tragedy, Segura knocked out Jaro in the very first round. But Koncz never gave a damn, he got his money and that was all that mattered.”

“What hurts me is that some media men sway in favor of this undesirable alien. They wrote stuff about me making me appear as the villain who stole the money of my boxers. On the other hand, they kept on defending Koncz in exchange fresh scoops and news about Manny Pacquiao. They made it appear that I was the devil and that thief was ‘St. Michael’ Koncz. But it’s ok. People now see the real monster that Michael Koncz is. I am pretty sure he grew richer with Bernabe, Rodel Mayol and Eden Sonsona as his current milking cows. I am not scared to face this guy in any place at anytime or in any given court.”

“I really feel sad seeing my boxers fall especially Bernabe Concepcion whom I treated like a brother. It was obvious that he was fed to the lions. It was clear that Michael Koncz just complied with all it takes for the fight to happen so that he will get his cut. There was no proper training. His fight was totally different from the fight he had back to our good old days. I just hope Manny will give heed to the peoples’ rants about Michael Koncz. We can’t afford to let him continue his exploitation of our boxing talents just for his own benefit.”

Aljoe Jaro closed his letter stating that he is welcoming any reaction from Koncz and that he even wishes they can confront each other in person.

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"Michael Koncz is a thief and a traitor" ---Aljoe Jaro



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